Before I turn 30: a list, revisited

I just recently found a list I had made in 2011 of some  things to do before I turned 30. At that time I was 25, I am now 28. Its not an extensive list and some of things are quite ambitious….lets see what Ive gotten done so far.

Here is the list

1. Get another tattoo
2. Go to Japan
3. Go to Greece
4. Go back to school
5. Ride a Ferris Wheel ( really, I haven’t, Im terrified of heights)
6. Pay of my credit card
7. Run a half marathon ( which may eventually turn into a whole marathon)
8. Get published
9. Learn to swing dance ( now, if only I had a partner)
10. Buy an expensive, gorgeous pair of shoes

In the three years since I made this list I have: gotten 2 more tattoos, rode a ferries wheel ( in February at Disneyland), went back to school ( and am 1.5 months away from graduating), paid off my credit card ( and racked it up again)…and thats it. 4 out of 10 things, with 2 years to go! I think this list could use a revision, as I don’t really care about getting published anymore, and I am certain I could add a few things on, like start my own company and move into a new house or apartment. Anyway I thought I’d share this list and see if anyone of you had similar lists.

Also here is me in 2011283504_10150237125735872_6087690_n163115_482323650871_3603314_n

And here is me now, in 2014


How time changes everything….

Danger De Lux: mini shopping haul

I really want to do more videos, so I did a quick one last night when I got home of all the wicked stuff I bought at Rowena! They have an outlet in their basement and every now and then, they do 50% off the last price! You can find amazing brands like Heart Breaker, HellBunny, Pinup Girl, Voodoo Vixen, Iron Fist, TUK, and the list goes on. The sale is on again today and tomorrow, so if you’re around, I suggest stopping by. And if not, check out to see what awesome stuff is on sale online.

Well, here’s my mini haul. Please excuse the blurriness- not the best camera.

Danger De Lux Review: The Megan from Bettie Page

Bettie Page has some absolute amazing designs and certain dresses are always guaranteed to sell. The Alika, Silver Roses, and the Megan- these lovely dresses always sell out. Rowena just got in the Megan in red and something compelled me to try  it on.

_DSC0241-2Now, before I talk about why I don’t like it on me, let me first tell you what I love about it despite that fact. The Megan is made of the loveliest stretch fabric, which makes it so very comfortable. It also has some great details, not only in the front but the back is lovely. I have seen this dress on many, many ladies of all different sizes and have not seen one. that didn’t look fabulous. I think what throws me off is that it is red… I never wear this much red because the colour of my hair. I also think I should have tried it on with some shape wear, because I am looking a little boxy, and I definitely  am not boxy.

I am wearing my usual size, a medium, and in the photos it is looking a touch big, which makes me wonder if I could have gone down a size because of the stretch…. Do you have a Megan? What do you think of the fit?

My measurements are: Bust: 37″ Waist: 29″ Hips 40″


The back is super cute and has a faux button look. I love this dress from the behind! I’m wearing a hell bunny crinoline under neath and paired it with some BAIT heels.

_DSC0246-2Rowena carries the very best of Bettie Page, as does so go have a peak and get a Megan ( or Alika, or Silver Roses, or whatever tickles your fancy)


Danger De Lux Review: The Sheila dress from Hell Bunny

Hell Bunny has been making lovely, light and flowy dresses the past couple of seasons and are back at it for spring. The Sheila dress is a sweet staple for spring and summer. With an apple and daisy motif, this 50′s style reproduction dress should definitely be considered for every gals wardrobe.

The Sheila comes in three colors- black, smokey blue, and a pale green. I decided to review the green, as green and red hair are a perfect pair ;)

_DSC0237-2I paired the Sheila with a red crinoline and one of the new belts from Hell Bunny, which kind of remind me of the 80′s, but are such great belts to add on to almost any dress. The girls at work all have them and guaranteed one of them is wearing one every day!

I am wearing a medium in the Sheila and it fits quite nicely. I didn’t feel restricted or uncomfortable, but comfy, because the fabric is so light. Here are my measurements so you can compare for yourself:

Bust: 37″ Waist: 29″ Hips 40″

If I look at the size chart, my top half would fit the large and my bottom half would just squeeze into the small. I almost always wear a medium in Hell Bunny, unless it has stretch panels, then I go down a size. If you are ordering this dress, I would get your usual size or call/email the shop and ask to compare a size with your measurements.

_DSC0234-2The only issue I had with this dress was how darn staticy is was! Defiantly get a can of static guard if you’re planning on getting this lovely little frock. But for $52 this dress is a steal! I tried mine on at Rowena but you can also get it at

_DSC0235-2Hell Bunny is a great brand to check out if you’re just getting into pinup and retro style, or need an outfit for a theme party or event. Their dresses are usually very flattering, on all body types, they have a great variety, and are a fantastic price. Hell Bunny is also a leader in plus size retro fashion, making beautiful dresses up to 4xxl.

Danger De Lux Review: Winter Blossom by Heart of Haute

I am in love with the Amanda dress from Heart of Haute. This has got to my favorite cut of dress from this brand. I find it very flattering and feminine. Rowena got in the Amanda is Winter Blossom, which made my heart flutter.

I slipped it on and knew it had to be mine.

_DSC0187I love this color, especially with my skin tone and hair color. Its a delicate blue with weaves of gold – I love it!

I love that this dress is just simply cotton, which makes it very wearable, comfortable and so easy to dress up or wear casual. I have to admit, I didn’t think I would truly like it as much as I do. Some colors and fits just really work, and this dress is one of those which just made me feel pretty.

_DSC0192I am wearing the Amanda is medium and it fits great. I shared my measurements a few posts ago, but just a reminder, for reference:
Bust: 37″ Waist: 29″ Hips 40″

I know some Heart of Haute has been fitting small lately, however this one fits just right.This dress is super sweet and I think should become a staple in every pinup gals wardrobe- in this fabric or any of the others.


This darling little dress will be coming home with me and shall be worn to many events- picnics, drinks with girlfriends, weddings, afternoon bbqs- okay, those are just the places I am day dreaming I will wear it, when in fact this spring and summer is going to be so super busy developing my new business! Maybe I can wear it to a business function!

Thanks again to Rowena  for always having the very best dresses! And don’t forget to check out to snag some Heart of Haute, including the Winter Blossom Amanda.


What I Wore: Pinup Girl’s Jenny skirt and Peaseant top

I am a sucker for holidays, so naturally on Valentines Day, I wanted to dress pretty and of course in the traditional holiday colors. I was also working which was more of an excuse to dress up. A week or so prior, I put on the cherry jenny skirt and red ( and black) peasant top, both from Pinup Girl Clothing, for an instagram photo for the store, and as luck would have it, I fell in love with both pieces. Needless to say, they had to come home with me.


I will admit I was weary of the Jenny skirt at first – there is just so much fabric! But when I put it on, I quite liked it. At the store I hear it all the time, when ladies put on a swing skirt for the very first time- i look so big! But in reality, they don’t, in fact they look much smaller and like they have a more traditional shape. Because they jenny skirt has so much darn fabric, the fear is doubled, however I like my shape in it.

_DSC0202Now, lets talk about fit for a minute, because boy does this skirt fit small! My waist is 29″ and I almost always wear a medium in Pinup Girl Clothing. This Jenny is a large and is still a little snug, coming in at 28″ at the waist. So ladies, size up, when you are ordering one of this skirts, so you won’t be disappointed when it just wont zip up.

The peasant top, fits nice and snug in a medium, just the way I would like it to.

_DSC0204I got both of these pieces at Rowena, in Edmonton, where they have a few other patterns of the Jenny dress ( the italian scene, spider print…) and also the peasant top in black., their online shop also carries all these goodies, so do not fear if you don’t live around here, Rowena has got you covered!

_DSC0203For Valentines Day my lovely boyfriend surprised me with a candlelit dinner and cupcakes from my favorite cupcake shop, Crave. After dinner, we went ice skating, which was funny because neither of us had been skating in 10-15 years! But we got the hang of after a few minutes, so I am certain will be going a few more times before the ice melts.

How was your Valentines Day? What sort of love-sick shenanigans did you get up tp?

Danger De Lux Review: Voodoo Vixen by Pinup Girl Clothing

The first of many reviews to come, the Voodoo Vixen dress from Pinup Girl Clothing. I have to admit I was a bit weary of this dress when I first saw it- I wasn’t sold on the fabric and however once I saw it on, that all changed.

When I put it on, my mind was blown. This dress fits like a dream and it insanely flattering. I’ve seen it on about 5 or 6 different body types and it looks good on everyone!

_DSC0177I’ve begun my search for my grad dress and at first thought I would for sure get the Folly Flair ( also from Pinup Girl Clothing) but it didn’t fit quite right. Thank goodness for the Voodoo Vixen dress, because I think this shall be the one!

_DSC0179I have on a medium and it fits just right! I figured its about time I share my measurements with you, so you can use it as comparison.

Bust: 37″ Waist: 29″ Hips 40″

The fabric is a black cotton sateen, which just a touch of stretch, but I wouldn’t really count on it, when deciding what size to order. I almost always wear a medium in Pinup Girl, and like I mentioned this fit like a glove.

This dress hits me in all the right places, but like I said its not just me! A girlfriend of mine, whom also fit into the medium, has a bit bigger hips and bust, but it fit her great as well. It really is a dress for ever one and every size!

_DSC0182When I purchase this beauty, you can bet I’ll be getting in from Rowena,  my favorite dress shop! Their website,, also has this baby listed, but I must advise to get it quick, because I don’t see it lasting in the shop or online for long!


The detail on the Voodoo Vixen is fantastic- its simple, but stunning. The neckline sits perfectly and the waterfall along the hip is placed just right. I believe this dress most definitely will be my grad dress- what do you think?