New Hair Tutorial: faux victory rolls, pin curls, & clip in hair, oh my!

I finally got a chance to make another hair tutorial. I’ve been playing around with my hair a lot lately and trying out new things, which I wanted to share! I have also been getting tired of my hair lately too… its pretty bland, if you will… long and red… I oh so badly want to dye it… but wont. I have this thing about dying my natural hair colour… I haven’t dyed it in four years and its finally healthy. So, instead I’ve been playing around with clip in coloured hair and lots of pin curls and victory rolls.

I got some great clip in hair strips by Manic Panic at Rowena and they have been doing the trick! I can change the colour lickity split and not damage my hair. Every time I wear them at work, I get compliments, which makes me happy, in hopes I’m tricking some people into thinking I’m being adventurous with my hair.

I hope you like this tutorial… I had a few technical difficulties, but made it through! There will be a few more following this one too! If there is anything you’d like to see, please let me know…any other styles, makeup trips, fashion tips, etc.

Pinup Girl Clothing: New Blue Heidi

I am naturally drawn to dark colours… black, olive green, purple, burgundy…. But when I saw the new blue Heidi from Pinup Girl Clothing, something deep inside of me sqeeued with joy and told me I had to try it on. The colour is such a unqiue, striking blue… its not baby blue, its not royal blue, its not sky blue…it’s a fun, girly, whimsical blue…its a little warm, but bright. It’s a rich and creamy blue.

_DSC2341-EditThe Heidi is an amazing cut – it is figure flattering and the perfect swing dress. I hope by know we all own at least one. Shown here with a white crinoline to create a contrast with the colour of the dress; crinolines are the perfect accessory to any swing dress.

I love the way the new blue looks with my red hair and oh so slightly sun kissed and very freckled skin. A few of the girls at the shop have blonde hair and I can’t wait to see it on them too. I think this colour is going to look great on so many gals- the typical blue eyes and blonde hair, black hair and pale skin, redheads like me, rich brunettes, and those with fun pink, blue, and purple hair.

_DSC2347-EditThis Heidi, like every other Heidi I have or have tried on, is a medium. My measurements are 36-29-40. This fits perfect, no alterations needed! I know some ladies find the Heidi big in the shoulders, that’s an easy fix at the tailors. The Heidi hits be just below my knee and gives me a great feminine shape.

_DSC2348-EditThe Heidi rings in around $113 which is a great deal. Did you know Pinup Girl Clothing is actaully made in the U.S.A, which is a rarity in todays fast-fashion world. And if you take care of your clothes, they will last you through the years. I am a firm believer in buying quality goods and without a doubt Pinup Girl Clothing produces quality dresses, at very reasonable prices. The Heidi is a great addition to your pinup wardrobe and if you can only afford one or two dresses now and again, I would highly recommend making this one one of them.


I got this Heidi, along with all my others, from Rowena. This heidi, with all its friends can also be found on 

I’d hurry up and snag one of these blues ones quick though, as I don’t imagine they will linger around long. For real, the colour is amazing.


Feeling Vampy in Steady Clothing

I love a good peplum and finding one that I can pull off is easier said than done. The first peplum I bought was a skirt from Steady Clothing. The second and most recent peplum I bought, is also from Steady Clothing. I think its safe to say, Steady knows what they are doing.

The Emma dress from Steady Clothing is divine. I feel absolutely fabulous in it- like a total vamp, if you will. It fits me great and is a completely different cut from anything in my closet.


The Emma hits me just above the knee, and features a 3/4 peplum, stopping at the hip on each side. The sweet heart neckline and playful cut-out only amp up the sass of this dress. The Emma has a fair bit of stretch, so it hugs nicely to the body.

_DSC2335-EditI purchased this dress in a medium and it fits great. I measure in at 36-29-40 and the Emma hugs me in all the right ways.

I am crossing my fingers Steady makes this dress in a ton more colours, because this is a new favorite- I feel so good in it. It is currently available in black and coral ( coral is sadly not my colour) and I highly recommend getting this before it’s gone. I believe this dress has a lot of versatility to it- I wore it to work with kitten heels and nude fishnets; it can be wore on a date, to a wedding, to a party, to a bridal shower….well, the options really are endless. And at $94 this dress is a steal if you ask me!


In these photos I paired the Emma with T.U.K creeper wedges and a RAGO cincher to get an amplified hourglass shape.

Head down to Rowena and check out the Emma and all the other amazing dresses from Steady Clothing.


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Mighty Minty in Pinup Girls Dames Dress

I must admit I was wary of this dress when I first saw it… the light colour, the tight fit- I was certain it would be a disaster. But it wasnt! In fact, the Dames dress in mint is quite dreamy.

_DSC2367-EditThe Dames dress is made of Pinup Girls signature bengaline, so it hugs and molds to the body in all the best ways. This cut is so classic and oh so pinup…it is a blank canvas, making it an absolute staple. Add some killer heels and sparkly jewelry and off to the ball with you! Add a shrug and come cute ballerina flats and you’re ready for a day at the office or strolling around town.

_DSC2377-EditI sized up to a large in the Dames dress. My measurements, to compare, are 36-29-40. I might have been able to squeeze into a medium, but in this colour and cut, I don’t think that would be advisable.

I got this Dames dress at Rowena.  This dress can also be found on, along with the black and red one if you’d like something a bit more traditional. If you think you can’t pull the Dames dress off, you are wrong, just like I was. The moment I put it on, I knew  I had to have it. I do not own anything in this colour or anything this light even, so there was no question about it, it would be mine.


The colour of this dress makes me think of milkshakes, ponies, carnivals, and cotton candy. It is both sweet and sultry. And I think it suites my Flamingo tattoo quite nicely ;)

I am head over heels in love with the Dames dress!



whats in your makeup bag: danger de lux

I have a fun new series for all you Kittens- whats in your makeup bag?! Well, it is exactly what it sounds like, featuring the gals from Rowena, fellow bloggers, and, fingers crossed, some of your favorite pin-ups.

To start things off, I’m going to share my makeup bag and my most favorite products. I have recently switched out a few products and am working on switching out more, as I am trying my darnedest to only use cruelty free products.

1939614_1489849024585431_8070114967951969272_n(photo by Hello June Photography)

This is me in my every day makeup, with my best friend, Cherry ( she doesn’t need any makeup, she’s a natural beauty)

And here is what is in my makeup bag

MAKEUP KIT 010Makeup Bag by Fluff

Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette

Sephora In the Heat Moonshadow baked palette,

Makeup Forever Brow Seal

Anastasia Eye Brow Pencil and Brow Powder Duo in Auburn

Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner in Black Ink

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper

Sephora Illuminator in Light Beam

Bare Essentials Foundation

Eco Tools Kabuki Brush

lipstick 001And my favorite red lipsticks

Mac Ruby Woo

Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hour Lipstick in Continuous Cranberry

Beseme in Red Velvet

Makeup Forever Aqua Lipliner in 8C

These are all the products I use on a daily basis, as well as if I do a photo shoot ( I just spend a lot more time and detail on my makeup if it is for something other than every day). I use two eyeliners to do my wing tip- the gosh pencil for across my lid, and the Kat Von D liquid liner for the ‘flick'; I’ve found this works best for me to get the look I like. I usually use a variety of shades of brown, as I find brown goes best with my skin tone, eyes, and hair colour. I didn’t show a mascara as I don’t have a favorite- I often use something from Maybelline, or try something new from Sephora when I run out of what I am using. Maybe if you have a favorite mascara, you can leave it in the comments for me to try out. I just switched my eyebrow products from MAC to Anastasia, as MAC now tests on animals, which makes me sad, but Anastasia is cruelty free. I also use a bronzer every day, because I love how it looks with my freckles – I didnt show it, because I need a new one right now, but I usually use one from Rimmel; you have to use caution with bronzer though, as its not for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what is in my makeup bag and enjoy the rest to come!

_DSC1120-Edit(photo by Hello June Photography)

Trashy Diva- the perfect black dress

Trashy Diva makes gorgeous dresses, in fantastic fabrics and patterns. I know of many girls who lust after Trashy Diva dresses because of their vintage look and appeal. I feel in love with the Deb dress instantly. Never has a dress felt more perfect- the fit is amazing, the fabric thick and beautiful, and the cut is very feminine. I imagine Audrey Hepburn might have worn something much like the Deb.

A few weeks ago I did a photo shoot with Photography by Safauna. I chose to wear the Deb dress because it is so classic and I feel amazing in it. The shots she sent me from our shoot  blew me away.


I am wearing an 8 in the Deb and like I said, it fits like a glove. My measurements for comparison are: 36-29-40.

_DSC1129-EditI got my Trashy Diva Deb at Rowena in Edmonton. They still have a few in the shop and online at The quality and fabulousness of this dress is worth every single penny, so brake open your piggy bank and snatch one up for yourself. This is the perfect little black swing dress. This beauty can be worn to an event, a celebration or party, a wedding, grad, or holiday party, a night out with the girls or out to dinner with your fella…the options are endless!


Q & A with Cherry Dollface

I have a special treat for you today! Cherry Dollface – if there ever was a better fitting name- being the nice gal she is, answered ‘yes’ when I asked if I could interview her for my blog. A lot of people who are super busy and super awesome, can be super lame and turn down a request like mine. So you can imagine how excited I was when Cherry Dollface said she would gladly answer my questions.


A brief bio on the Miss Cherry Dollface- this lovely lady has it going on! She is a model, a hairstylist, a designer ( she collarboates with Rock Steady Clothing), a wife, and an inspiration to many a young women. Please check her out on facebook, youtube, her website, and instagram.


Now lets get to the questions….

1.       What is your favorite beauty product?
Oh man! Too many to name! But I love Paul Mitchell Hair products, Big Sexy styling products, Makeup Forever makes amazing foundations, concealers and primers, and Bomber Betty lip products.

2.       If you could give just one hair styling tip, what would it be?

Give your hair a rest!! Heat styling and using products everyday really takes its toll on your hair and you will end up with fried, lifeless hair. I give my hair a break every other day or as often as I can and just tie it in a top knot and leave it alone!

3.       What is your most coveted piece of clothing? Why?

I have a pretty good collection of vintage 1950’s hawaaian dresses. They make me feel so tropical!

4.       What do you think are the top 5 essentials to a pinup/rockabilly wardrobe?

A high waisted pencil skirt, a pair of peep toes, a pair of cuffed jeans, a good black cardigan, and at least one vintage dress!

tumblr_mz76jqct251sj1y9oo1_5005.       What is your favorite brand/type of lipstick?

I have a line with Bomber Betty Cosmetics that I love! Hollywood Harlot is an amazing neutral red that looks great on everyone. ( get it here)

6.       Any secret beauty tips you can give us for getting that perfect pin-up look?

Don’t cake your face with base makeup. Focus more on your red lips and cat eyes. You want to look sassy– but not masky!

7.       How did you get into doing hair? Where did it all begin?

I started swing dancing when I was 14 and wanted to figure out how to do vintage styles to match the dancing and the clothes. It was before the internet existed so I just looked at old photos and tried my best to learn!

8.       Essential pin-up hair styling tools?

A 3/4″ curling iron, a good hairspray, a setting spray, bobby pins, pin curl clips, and a teasing/smoothing comb.

9.       Where is your favorite place to find great vintage?

Anywhere I can!! Ebay is a pretty trusty. Etsy is getting better. Unfortunately finding it local is too expensive.

10.   With no bias here… what is your favorite reproductive brand and why?

Steady Clothing!! It is made in the USA, they have been around for 20 years, they make affordable items, and they fit amazingly well! I also design a new piece for them each season, but I was already a fan even before I started collaborating.


11.   If you are getting all dolled up, what is your go to look?

I like variety!! I usually do the basic cat eyes and red lips, but I like to change up my shadow colors, add glitter, change my reds, etc. And I have a huge wardrobe so I wear all kinds of different things!

12.   And the opposite, if you are dressing casual, what do you wear?

I am a jeans/shorts and a tank top kind of girl. I usually just wear my hair in a top knot and wear BB cream and mascara on my face.

PinUp-Tank_1024x102413.   When are you coming to Canada do teach us Canadian gals to do hair?

As soon as I find a place to host my class! All I need a space!

14.   Any wise words you would like to pass on to pinup and rockabilly gals trying to make in a modern world?

Just be yourself. You don’t have to fit into a cookie cutter image of what you think rockabilly is. There is no ONE right way to be yourself, so have fun!

15.   And whats next for Cherry Doll Face? Any upcoming events, etc?

Always touring! Check out my website for my latest events:


And just for fun…EITHER OR ( you can only pick one, which one will it be…)



red, obviously




red lips




white wine


depends on the day! converse mostly though




walking dead




take out


depends on my mood, but I live in the city


clean shaven always!


polka dots













A big Thank-You to Cherry Dollface for taking the time to answer my questions and share her wisdom with all of us. If you have yet to watch her you tube videos, what are you waiting for? Her tutorials are fantastic and she shares a lot of other fun tid-bits about her life, retro living, posing, and the works! Stay tuned to my blog for more awesome interviews and features! Thanks for reading.

*all photos taken from google.