Trashy Diva- the perfect black dress

Trashy Diva makes gorgeous dresses, in fantastic fabrics and patterns. I know of many girls who lust after Trashy Diva dresses because of their vintage look and appeal. I feel in love with the Deb dress instantly. Never has a dress felt more perfect- the fit is amazing, the fabric thick and beautiful, and the cut is very feminine. I imagine Audrey Hepburn might have worn something much like the Deb.

A few weeks ago I did a photo shoot with Photography by Safauna. I chose to wear the Deb dress because it is so classic and I feel amazing in it. The shots she sent me from our shoot  blew me away.


I am wearing an 8 in the Deb and like I said, it fits like a glove. My measurements for comparison are: 36-29-40.

_DSC1129-EditI got my Trashy Diva Deb at Rowena in Edmonton. They still have a few in the shop and online at The quality and fabulousness of this dress is worth every single penny, so brake open your piggy bank and snatch one up for yourself. This is the perfect little black swing dress. This beauty can be worn to an event, a celebration or party, a wedding, grad, or holiday party, a night out with the girls or out to dinner with your fella…the options are endless!


Q & A with Cherry Dollface

I have a special treat for you today! Cherry Dollface – if there ever was a better fitting name- being the nice gal she is, answered ‘yes’ when I asked if I could interview her for my blog. A lot of people who are super busy and super awesome, can be super lame and turn down a request like mine. So you can imagine how excited I was when Cherry Dollface said she would gladly answer my questions.


A brief bio on the Miss Cherry Dollface- this lovely lady has it going on! She is a model, a hairstylist, a designer ( she collarboates with Rock Steady Clothing), a wife, and an inspiration to many a young women. Please check her out on facebook, youtube, her website, and instagram.


Now lets get to the questions….

1.       What is your favorite beauty product?
Oh man! Too many to name! But I love Paul Mitchell Hair products, Big Sexy styling products, Makeup Forever makes amazing foundations, concealers and primers, and Bomber Betty lip products.

2.       If you could give just one hair styling tip, what would it be?

Give your hair a rest!! Heat styling and using products everyday really takes its toll on your hair and you will end up with fried, lifeless hair. I give my hair a break every other day or as often as I can and just tie it in a top knot and leave it alone!

3.       What is your most coveted piece of clothing? Why?

I have a pretty good collection of vintage 1950’s hawaaian dresses. They make me feel so tropical!

4.       What do you think are the top 5 essentials to a pinup/rockabilly wardrobe?

A high waisted pencil skirt, a pair of peep toes, a pair of cuffed jeans, a good black cardigan, and at least one vintage dress!

tumblr_mz76jqct251sj1y9oo1_5005.       What is your favorite brand/type of lipstick?

I have a line with Bomber Betty Cosmetics that I love! Hollywood Harlot is an amazing neutral red that looks great on everyone. ( get it here)

6.       Any secret beauty tips you can give us for getting that perfect pin-up look?

Don’t cake your face with base makeup. Focus more on your red lips and cat eyes. You want to look sassy– but not masky!

7.       How did you get into doing hair? Where did it all begin?

I started swing dancing when I was 14 and wanted to figure out how to do vintage styles to match the dancing and the clothes. It was before the internet existed so I just looked at old photos and tried my best to learn!

8.       Essential pin-up hair styling tools?

A 3/4″ curling iron, a good hairspray, a setting spray, bobby pins, pin curl clips, and a teasing/smoothing comb.

9.       Where is your favorite place to find great vintage?

Anywhere I can!! Ebay is a pretty trusty. Etsy is getting better. Unfortunately finding it local is too expensive.

10.   With no bias here… what is your favorite reproductive brand and why?

Steady Clothing!! It is made in the USA, they have been around for 20 years, they make affordable items, and they fit amazingly well! I also design a new piece for them each season, but I was already a fan even before I started collaborating.


11.   If you are getting all dolled up, what is your go to look?

I like variety!! I usually do the basic cat eyes and red lips, but I like to change up my shadow colors, add glitter, change my reds, etc. And I have a huge wardrobe so I wear all kinds of different things!

12.   And the opposite, if you are dressing casual, what do you wear?

I am a jeans/shorts and a tank top kind of girl. I usually just wear my hair in a top knot and wear BB cream and mascara on my face.

PinUp-Tank_1024x102413.   When are you coming to Canada do teach us Canadian gals to do hair?

As soon as I find a place to host my class! All I need a space!

14.   Any wise words you would like to pass on to pinup and rockabilly gals trying to make in a modern world?

Just be yourself. You don’t have to fit into a cookie cutter image of what you think rockabilly is. There is no ONE right way to be yourself, so have fun!

15.   And whats next for Cherry Doll Face? Any upcoming events, etc?

Always touring! Check out my website for my latest events:


And just for fun…EITHER OR ( you can only pick one, which one will it be…)



red, obviously




red lips




white wine


depends on the day! converse mostly though




walking dead




take out


depends on my mood, but I live in the city


clean shaven always!


polka dots













A big Thank-You to Cherry Dollface for taking the time to answer my questions and share her wisdom with all of us. If you have yet to watch her you tube videos, what are you waiting for? Her tutorials are fantastic and she shares a lot of other fun tid-bits about her life, retro living, posing, and the works! Stay tuned to my blog for more awesome interviews and features! Thanks for reading.

*all photos taken from google.

Pinup Girl Clothing- The Lydia

The new Lydia by Pinup Girl Clothing is to die for. The design and cut of this dress is amazing. I have not been so excited for a dress in quite some time. My co-workers and myself went gaga for the Lydia in the Burlesque print. None of us could wait to try it on and almost all of us bought one.

indexThe border features a curvacious burlesque dancer doing a little striptease The colour combination of pink, blue, and black are perfect and really pop.

pc-lydia-bur_fI do not own anything like the Lydia…not even close. This dress shines in my closet and I feel so pretty when I wear it. I am so lucky to work with a lovely photographer, who snapped a few photos of me and my Lydia.


Look at those colours!


I almost always wear a medium in Pinup Girl Clothing, but had to size up in the Lydia to a large. My measurements are: 36-29-40. The large fit me good and I feel good in it. A few of my co-workers had to size up as well, while a couple were able to fit in their usual size. If you’re unsure of fit, please ask and I’ll help you out!

You can get your very own Lydia at Rowena in Edmonton or online at

_DSC1100-Edit (2)

A day out with Sourpuss

It was a beautiful day out and after a big run, all I wanted was to spend even more time outside soaking up the sun. It was the perfect day to head down to Fort Edmonton Park- a step back in time! I wanted to wear something cute and light, so of course I wore my Floozy dress from Sourpuss Clothing.

fort edm park 003

The first stop in the fort in The Midway Park, which I absolutely love! In fact I was thinking what a great place it would be to have a wedding ( I’m not getting married…yet). There was a Ferris Wheel, a lovely carousal, and a bunch of old fashioned midway games!

fort edm park 004

Everyone who works at Fort Edmonton Park are dressed for the era they are working in and are in character the whole time. One gal told me I looked very pretty, but next time I wear a short dress, I should be wearing stockings! It was quite cute.

fort edm park 010

The Floozy dress is comfortable, but still cute, which is what I want in a little day dress. The dress comes with the red belt shown, which I love – I think polka dots and red are like chocolate and peanut butter. I wore a little anchor necklace, which matched the colors of the dress, and a couple little black roses in my hair.

fort edm park 016There are tons of old cars to go with the different eras represented. This was an old fire hall, this thus the vintage fire trucks.

fort edm park 018I love old signs like these ones! I had to snap a photo in front of the Coca Cola billboard – I thought it was a great pair with my dress, don’t you?!

Like the previous Sourpuss dresses I have reviewed, this one is a medium. It fits good, just like it should. My measurements are: 36-29-40. This little dress is such a good summer frock, especially when it is priced so reasonably. Check out Rowena or to find the Floozy and other sweet summer dresses from Sourpuss Clothing

fort edm park 021

Sourpuss makes great little pinup dresses, that are so affordable but still good quality. I always feel cute when I am wearing one of their dresses! I have one more little Sourpuss dress to review, so keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, follow me on:

facebook  and instagram: dangerdelux

fort edm park 026

Pinup Girl Clothing- Stephanie Buscema’s Mermaid

Pinup Girl Clothing is at it again- making rockabilly and pinup dolls drool and break the bank for the amazing prints and cuts they put out this season. I have a hard time talking myself out of buying something from Pinup Girl- the very fact that it it made in the states, is a big seller for me; its good quality, the designs are so unique, and well, I am lucky enough to get a discount on it at the moment, so I feel like I need to stockpile ( how awful is that?!).

I have to say I have yet to regret any Pinup Girl purchase to date, no matter how much it cost ( even with a discount, some items are still pricey). My wee apartment closet can’t take much more, but still I try to stuff more in her…come on little closet, we have got to work together, so we can both have beautiful things.

The Mermaid Mexican circle skirt is my latest Pinup Girl purchase… I couldn’t help myself- it is gorgeous! Stephanie Buscema teamed up with Pinup Girl Clothing to produce this unique, exclusive design, which is just out of this world! mermaid 003mermaid 001This skirt was so much fun to wear and I got a ton of complements on it. I wore it to work, because I couldn’t wait to wear it. In fact, I felt so gosh darn pretty, I told my boyfriend we had to go out after work, so all my effort wouldn’t go to waste.

2014-06-14 11.22.40 (2)I paired it with a fabulous bustier top from Fables by Barrie. I usually hate strapless shirts and dresses, but the construction of this top is fantastic- it fit amazing and i felt comfortable and secure in it. Worth every single penny! All the girls at the shop scooped one up, so if you fancy one, i’d get in there right away, so as not to miss out!

I am also wearing a lovely vintage necklace, which matches nicely with the blue on the skirt, and black heels. My hair was so cooperative that morning as well, so victory rolls were in order to complete the look.

2014-06-14 11.23.04 (2)My waist is 29″ and I got a medium in the skirt. It doesn’t close with a zipper, rather it has buttons in front, which are then hidden with the ‘wrap’ part of the skirt. The construction is rather interesting, and on the pinup girl website, they say they designed it after traditional Mexican circle skirts. Their website also suggests to size down if you are in between sizes, simply because the size is semi adjustable due to the button closure.

My Fables top is a medium, which fit great. My bust is 36″, however another girl with a 38″ bust from the shop, could also wear a medium.

Both pieces are from Rowena. The skirt will be on the site, but the top can only be found in store ( but you can order over the phone if you can’t get into the shop)

Sorry for the poor quality photos, I was just so excited, I wanted to share right away

the Gil by Sourpuss Clothing

I had mentioned in a previous post I had four Sourpuss dresses I wanted to share and review. The first was the Pillaging Puppies Rizzo dress, and the second is the Gil. The Gil has this new age spacey look, mixed with retro stewardess – it is nothing like anything else I own.

2014-05-31 01.05.48 (2)

The Gil is super fun and flirty, with red piping, cute princess-type cap sleeves, and a sassy cut out on the front. A co-worker and I wore the Gil to the Alberta Bound Tattoo Convention, where we worked the Rowena booth. We got so many compliments on our outfits and a handful of people who wanted our photos.

tattoo convention 005We wanted to make our outfits extra special by making some giant hair flowers, so we went to the craft store, loaded up on flowers, and went to town.

2014-05-31 01.06.01 (2)2014-05-31 01.01.37 (2)We wore these dresses all night and they were so comfortable. I felt so fun and pretty. This is a great little dress, which can be super casual when worn with flats and a pony tail, or more formal with heels and some fancy hair. The Gil has a cute retro costume feel to it, but don’t let that deter you, instead let that be the reason you get it! It is so much fun!

tattoo convention 004I’m wearing a medium in the Gil and it fits to a ‘t’. My measurements are:


Sandra is wearing a large, which fit her perfectly as well. Her measurements are:


Get your hands on one of these dresses while you still can, because I don’t anticipate them lasting long. This dress is an absolute steal at $57- it is the perfect addition to any pinup gals wardbrobe. Head down to Rowena or to get one for yourself

the alberta bound tattoo convention

This past weekend was the Alberta Bound Tattoo Convention. Because the shop I work at is pretty cool, we had a booth at the convention to advertise all the wicked clothes we sell and also sell some of those wicked clothes. I had the fortune ( or misfortune…) of setting up, tearing down, and running the rodeo! But the best part of it was getting all dolled up with the other gals from the shop and showing off all the pin up dresses we sell at Rowena! I made sure to get lots of photos to show you our fancy outfits.

tattoo convention 003

Each day, me and the other gal(s) wore matching outfits, had our hair done up and big smiles on our faces. So lets get to it…

Day 1: Friday night was “Adults Night”. A bunch of burlesque performers put on a show -most notably the gorgeous Ophelia Overdose performed two fantastic numbers.

My gal pal and I wore the Gil by Sourpuss. We also made some pretty wicked hair flowers to match our dresses. I don’t want to go too much in to detail about this lil number, because I want to review it for you all later.

tattoo convention 007

I snapped a few photos of Ophelia too…

tattoo convention 009tattoo convention 012Isn’t she adorable?

tattoo convention 018

Day 2:  Saturday, the day that would not end…. this was the longest day, coming in at 10 hours ( the longest working the show…Friday was a 12 hour day). There were three of us working and we all wore the Dames Dress by Deadly Dames/Pinup Girl Clothing. For all you Cry Baby fans, this dress was based off of the one Wanda wore in the film. I found some gorgeous black orchids at the craft store, so made them in to hair flowers to wear with the Dames dress.

tattoo convention 027tattoo convention 023

tattoo convention 029

Day 3: The final day of the convention. We didn’t have quite matching dresses, but we both wore leopard by Pinup Girl Clothing. Mine is the leopard Heidi and Meagan wore the retro leopard Vamp. I through my hair up in a PUG nylon scarf and it was a mess from the other two days; I’m really into that whole mini beehive I mentioned in a previous post.

10373947_10152239038588224_2104106952553043253_nIt was fun to see all the different artists and performers, even if the days were long. It was also nice to get out of the shop for the weekend- a change of scenery is always good. After three very long days, I am left exhausted, but at least I got to get dressed up, meet some nice people, and let every one know about the best pin-up shop in Alberta…Rowena of course!

P.S check out too

getting casual with Sourpuss Clothing

Every  morning, when I go to get dressed, I peer into my closet and see handfuls of beautiful clothes- dresses from Pinup Girl Clothing and a few from Stop Starring, big circle skirts and sassy wiggle dresses…most way too nice to wear to work, where the potential to get them dirty is very high. Every morning, I say to myself   “I need some casual clothes!”. I hate wearing jeans and now that winter is over I am so done with leggings… I am really in the market for cute, summer dresses. Cue Sourpuss!

Sourpuss makes some pretty darn adorable dresses, with a price point I can get on board with. While they are cute and flirty, they are also very wearable.

The first of four dresses I want to share with you, is my favorite of the bunch.The pillaging puppies design in the Rizo cut is the die for cute!

lady gaga 015

It features pirate boston terriers, wearing pirate hats, mustaches, and peg legs. The cut is very girl, with an attached bow on the back of the black band and thin black trim around the hem, collar, and sleeves.

lady gaga 014

I am wearing a medium in this cut and it fits perfectly. The material has a little stretch and one of those tricky invisible side zipper. My measurements for comparison are:


This dress hits me mid thigh, which makes it great for summer or to pair with thick tights or leggings when winter returns. I am wearing mine with a black slip, just because I like to. On this particular evening I was headed out to see Lady Gaga and wanted to be comfortable so I wore my doc martin biker boots and tall black socks. Otherwise, I usually wear it with a cute pair of shoes.

lady gaga 012On a side note, Lady Gaga was pretty awesome. She had 6 costume changes, an amazing stage, and of course, fantastic stage presence. She seemed pretty genuine and over all, it was a great show. I’m not a die hard fan or anything, but I figured it would be a good show to see, and she did not disappoint.

lady gaga 021lady gaga 023

Like I mentioned, I have three other Sourpuss dresses I recently purchased, all from Rowena, in Edmonton. Their sister online store, carries Sourpuss, including all the cute dresses I will be reviewing.

Some of you may already know this but… I own a boston terrier, so it was destiny that led me to this dress. How could I not get it?! I think its too funny when I wear it around her… I just need to get her a pirate hat and eye patch and she will be good to go!

lady gaga 017

60’s hair-do

I have been playing around with my hair a bit more lately and trying out new and different retro styles. Because I have really long hair, I can’t do the soft waves most girls do – my hair never holds a curl, it would just take way too much time, and not look as nice as the gals who have shorter hair.

One morning before work I had a little extra time, so went on youtube to watch some hair tutorials. I stumbled on one by Pinup Doll Ashely Marie, which seemed simple enough, so I have it a shot!

The tutorial was for a 60s beehive bouffant, with a hair scarf. I’ve been trying to figure out a new way to wear my hair up in a scarf and this video was just the answer! I was so proud of how it turned out and got some nice compliments at work too!

10409400_10152067248090872_630799345688339080_nPinup Girl Clothing makes some great hair scarves that don’t slip and stay just where you put them. They are sturdy enough to make a nice bow that won’t flop around, which i think it oh so important. They might seem a touch pricey at 20-something bucks, but they are 100% worth every penny.


I did my fringe different than shown in the video, just because this was easier for me.

Some of my own styling tips before the video link…

Dirty hair is always easiest to style

A good back combing comb is fairly essential

Pomade is not just for men ladies- Layrite works amazing on vintage hair styles

A good variety of sizes of bobby pins are handy

And don’t try for perfection, keep practicing, and just give it a shot!

Now, for the lovely Ashely Marie’s tutorial

She does such a great job making this style super easy and I will definitely be checking out more of her videos!

Danger De Lux Review: The Megan from Bettie Page

Bettie Page has some absolute amazing designs and certain dresses are always guaranteed to sell. The Alika, Silver Roses, and the Megan- these lovely dresses always sell out. Rowena just got in the Megan in red and something compelled me to try  it on.

_DSC0241-2Now, before I talk about why I don’t like it on me, let me first tell you what I love about it despite that fact. The Megan is made of the loveliest stretch fabric, which makes it so very comfortable. It also has some great details, not only in the front but the back is lovely. I have seen this dress on many, many ladies of all different sizes and have not seen one. that didn’t look fabulous. I think what throws me off is that it is red… I never wear this much red because the colour of my hair. I also think I should have tried it on with some shape wear, because I am looking a little boxy, and I definitely  am not boxy.

I am wearing my usual size, a medium, and in the photos it is looking a touch big, which makes me wonder if I could have gone down a size because of the stretch…. Do you have a Megan? What do you think of the fit?

My measurements are: Bust: 37″ Waist: 29″ Hips 40″


The back is super cute and has a faux button look. I love this dress from the behind! I’m wearing a hell bunny crinoline under neath and paired it with some BAIT heels.

_DSC0246-2Rowena carries the very best of Bettie Page, as does so go have a peak and get a Megan ( or Alika, or Silver Roses, or whatever tickles your fancy)