Mousy Browns

On Tuesday, for the first time in about a year I finally got a hair cut. A year? you say… yes, i waited that long. My last hair cut was rather traumatizing, as hair cuts can sometimes be. It is much too long of a story to post, but basically the girl who end up cutting my hair was a student, who failed miserably, leaving me with uneven, unwanted layers, a choppy cut, and a few tears. But I decided it was time to get back in that salon chair and take care my split and dry ends.

I walk past Mousy Browns several times each day. I’ve heard and read good things about the salon, and figured I would give it try. The stylist that was available ended up being fabulous! Even though I just wanted a trim, he took his time and gave me quite a bit of vital information regarding the state of my hair. After a shampoo, condition, hydrating treatment, and a very well done trim, I left with silky, smooth hair, in extreme better condition than when I walked in.

The stylist paid attention to what I was asking for and he told me how I can help keep my hair from getting so damaged again. We made a schedule for future appointments in order to get my hair where I want it- long, lustrous, and soft.

I’m so happy I choose to go to Mousy Browns for my return to the professional hair cutting world ( I have been trimming my own bangs for the past year and almost asked my boyfriend to give me a trim at home!)

Mousy Browns
uses Bumble and Bumble products, which I was happy to learn are cruelty free. The product line offers everything you need to create and keep your hair healthy and happy. Of course my stylist recommend some products for me and I decided to get Bumble and Bumble’s quenching complex. I’m definitely going to purchase more of the line, specifically products designed to hydrate and protect my new, soft hair. I recommend checking out their line, either online, at Sephora, or at salons which use or sell he product, such as Mousy Browns.

Mousy Browns
has two locations in Edmonton: downtown at 10240 124 st and in old strathcona at 10407 83 ave. With a team of fantastic stylist and make up artists, there is certainly someone who will be your perfect fit.

I have never had my own stylist before, but I think I may have just found one at Mousy Browns


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