Fashion Week

Monday night I made it out to to the Hair and Makeup Fantasy Fashion show. I would have loved to make it to more shows, well all of them actually, but I have been too busy with other things ( like yoga, the gym, catching up on sleep, and the like). Monday’s show was quite good.There was some very good makeup and special effects via makeup application; there was also some great “hair” styles- or creations, rather. There was a lot of body makeup and full face makeup. The Western Canada Fashion Week facebook page has a link to their flickr account, which has hundreds of photos of all the night. I didn’t bring a camera along, as, well, I didn’t think I could do any justice to any of the models, hair and make up, and fashion.

Fashion Week is almost over now with one show tonight, and the final show tomorrow night. Friday night is the the Fashion Week wrap up party at the Treasury Vodka Bar; expcet to see models, designers, stylists, bloggers, and photographers in attendence. Saturday and Sunday head down to the sample sale, 12-5pm, at 10055- 80 ave, to scoop up some one a kind peices from Fashion Weeks designers.

Next year I hope to attend quite a few more shows… and maybe get my own spot up with the other local bloggers! Hey, a gal can dream! In the mean time, I hope to post tons more photos of my own outifts, Lolita Lemon designs, and local fashion.

Stay Tuned all you rockin kats and kittens!

At Devlins Cocktail Lounge

xo. N


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