Annalise By Pin Up Girl Clothing

Although I already own a few pieces from Pin Up Girl Clothing, I have only just recently realized how beautiful their clothing is and how I want it all! Unfortunately, the saying is true… Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees, and therefor my mail box and shopping bags are not filled with gorgeous Pin Up Girl items… well, that’s not entirely true… I do have one dress happily on its way in the mail.

I saw this oh so cute Pin Up Girl dress on their website the other day. I think it is just darling, and it too, joins my growing list of things I hope to have.

Can you see why I like it so much? First of all, its black, which is always my first choice. But it also has some very cute, and retro feeling pink elephants, who just happen to be tipsy- naughty elephants!
While at one point I thought these types of dresses ( not just this brand) were too expensive- and occasionally I do still think that- I have noticed that the prices don’t seem so steep anymore (maybe they have gone down, or maybe I’m not so stingy anymore); and when you take into consideration the quality of the product, well, it all evens out in the end. With my new frame of mind (ie. spending more for better quality), I hope to make this dress my own. And to my delight, my favorite local boutique, Rowena, posted that they have just received the Annalise Dress with pink elephants and have put it out in the floor to be gobbled up by happy shoppers.
If you would like to make to beauty your as well, you can find it on the Pin Up Girl website:
Or if you live near by you can, like mention, find it at Rowena, located at 10762-82ave. Check out their facebook page for hours.


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