Style Icon: Micheline Pitt

I’ve decided to start a new and regular post- Style Icons. Just as the name suggests-  I want to share with you some of my fashion and style icons- both past and present. Featuring sassy gals who have great style and beauty tips
To kick things off, one of my most recent and new found “Style Icons” is none other that the lovely Micheline Pitt.
Micheline Pitt is not only a fantatsic makeup artist, and hair stylist, she is also an artst, model, and clothing designer for Deadly Dames (via Pin Up Girl Clothing). Micheline has posted some tutorials on youtube, where she dishes out some amazing hair and makeup tips and makes them look like a breeze; she also comes off as very down to earth which makes her even more likable (and rateable).

This gal even tried out for Americans Next Top Model- and no doubt didn’t make it past episode one, because of her kick ass tattoos and amazing personal style.
Micheline is set to release her first hair how to DVD right away, so keep an eye out for that. The youtube tutorials she has released thus far, show easy to achieve but rockin styles that any gal could accomplish at home with a few key tools.

Micheline’s style is the kind I love most- rockabilly and 50’s/60’s vintage. While she is often decked out In Pin Up Girl Clothing’s sassy, vintage inspired items, she also has some amazing vintage pieces, which she occasionally alters and restores. I get the feeling a lot of girls get inspiration from Micheline, and why not? She is hard working and gorgeous; not to mention, she does a ton of DIY, connects with her fans, and makes herself available to other girls out there who have beauty and style questions. 
For more, check out Micheline’s facebook page, twitter, and Pin Up Girl Clothing
* All photos taken from Google.

xoxo N.


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