Miss Candyfloss & Dismantled Fashions

I recently bought two amazing tops from Miss Candlyfloss– the Loretta Lou and the Kacie Lou. I got both in a medium and they fit like a dream *. This top is easily one of my favorites. I paired mine with a tight pencil skirt and heels for a night out, and a high-waisted skirt and flats for the office. I’ve gotten more compliments on this top than any other item I can recall.

 The Kacie Lou Baby Doll sleeveless Top, paired with a black pencil skirt from H & M

 A few months back I purchased a gorgeous  skirt from Dismantled Fashions. It was a little big, so I had to get it tailored, but now it fits like a glove. I have been searching for the perfect top to pair with it, and the Loretta Lou is just the top I have been looking for.

Miss Candyfloss clothing has amazing detail. Check out the back on these tops.They are sexy, but subtle, showing off just the right amount. The skirt and top look like they were made for each other, don’t you think? Dismantled Fashions makes lovely retro inspired skirts and dresses, in very wearable fabrics and patterns, with a little rockabilly edge.

 The Loretta Lou Baby Doll Sleeveless top by Miss Candlyfloss, paired with the Doghouse skirt by Dismantled Fashions, and killer heels by Bordello ( purchased at Rowena

Make sure to follow Miss Candyfloss and Dismantled Fashions on facebook, to get updates on new products and promotions.

 * once I put my shape wear on underneath my tops, they were a wee big, so I could probably could have sized down, if I wanted a real tight fit.


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