Style Icon: Team Unicorn

Team Unicorn is a group of four sassy, self proclaimined nerdy, gals from L.A. They make kitschy videos, do nerd-tastic photo shoots, and all around are awesome. They recently did a photo shoot with Pinup Girl Clothing, dolled up in retro inspired attire in some amazing settings. This lead me to their website.

Team Unicorn for Pinup Girl Clothing, Photo from Pinup Girl Clothing

Team Unicorn made an awesome, über kitschy video, Alien Beach Crashers, based on classic beach party’s from the 60’s. Complete with 60’s fashion, surfer babes, rock n roll, and, of course, Aliens. You can watch the video on the Team Unicorn website or look them up on YouTube.

Team Unicorn is back with a new spin on the classic beach party movies of the 60’s. This comedic homage, “Alien Beach Crashers” tells the story of pesky intergalactic invaders ruining the grooviest beach party ever! The girls of Team Unicorn play classic roles from “America’s Sweetheart” Annette Funicello to the quirky Professor’s daughter who’s never been kissed. Guest starring Zachary Levi (Chuck), Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy), Abraham Benrubi (ER, Robot Chicken) and Magda Apanowicz (Caprica).

“Alien Beach Crashers”! The fun’s coming your way, SUMMER 1964!

The four gals who make up Team Unicorn include Clare, Michele, Milynn, and Rileah. Not only did these gals create Team Unicorn, but in their spare time they managed to fit in a little acting. They have all appeared in several movies, tv shows, and web series. You can also spot them at Comic-Con, dressed as your favorite superheros, anime characters, and sci-fi characters.

Photo from Team Unicorn

These ladies are talented, funny, creative, and entrepeneurs. Oh, and yah, they’re total babes too. As a gal who also has a sweet spot for kitsch, retro, and horror culture, you bet these gals are Style Icons

Photo from Team Unicorn

Check out thier website to watch their videos and see what that girls are up to next.


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