Meet Dismantled Fashions

I have a special treat for all you sassy kittens. Emily, owner and designer of Dismantled Fashions, was kind enough to put down her sewing needle and answer a few questions for us. If you’re not familiar with Dismantled Fashions, I suggest you get acquainted. Dismantled Fashions, as Emily would say, is “Retro Class Meets Modern Trash”; mixing retro aesthetics with modern prints, and sass, all handmade with love is the U.S.A.

photo from Dismanlted Fashions

Well, let’s get to it….

Can you tell us a little about Dismantled Fashions? How the business/brand came to be.

I’ve always loved creating. And I’ve always been picky!! I started this company at a pretty young age, 16. I wanted different, unique clothing that I couldn’t find anywhere. So, armed with some sewing knowledge and way too much time, I learned to make myself an entire wardrobe. I loved sewing so much that I couldn’t stop, and it got to the point where I literally had to sell it just to make room in my closet! Over the years my style has honed in and so has my craft and businesses sense, but it really just started out of a passion for style!

Your products are handmade. Do you make them all yourself? How important is it to you for products to be handmade and for your customers to be aware of that?

Yes, I do. From picking out the fabrics to cutting and assembling, everything is done by only me. I think this is very important. Personally, I think that too much these days is poorly and cheaply made… it’s so throw away! But I put all my heart and eye for detail into every piece. If you take care of it, it’ll be something you have for a long time to come. It’ makes it special! Not to mention, it’s more personal especially in the sense that I can do custom work. Isn’t a skirt you helped design (colors, print, length, etc) way better than one off a rack?

photo from Dismantled Fashions

Do you wear your own designs? Do you have a favorite piece?

I do! The Doghouse will always be a favorite, because it was inspired by my husband – an upright bass player. I also loooove my Wiggle & Jive Skirts, which is probably why I have so many different print/color combos!

Did you study design or sewing in school?

I went first for fashion merchandising, and that taught me a lot about the business side of thing. I was already designing and selling online while in school, I just needed the know how to take it to the next level. I later went again for general art studies as well 🙂

Do you remember that first item you made and sold for Dismantled Fashions?

Whew… that was so long ago hahaha! I *think* it was a mini skirt, but that was before I officially had a name and company and just designed one of a kinds for Ebay. My style has changed quite a bit from my early punk influence days!!

photo from Dismantled Fashions

Where can we buy Dismantled Fashions? Do you have retailers who sell your products?

Currently you can shop with me directly through or my Etsy shop I’m working as we speak with a few new stores for local shopping too, so check back!

Do you have any new designs in the mix? Anything new your customers can look forward to?

Yes! I have tons of new prints you can look forward to seeing in all the classic styles. I’m also working on some new skirt designs and a new dress style. I’ll just hint to say : pink flamingos!

Where do you find your gorgeous models? Are you on the lookout for any new ones?

For the most part, they find me. I occasionally put out calls on Facebook or Model Mayhem and go through the submissions from there. I’m lucky enough to have talented and gorgeous girls to work with. I’m always open to new models, though I don’t always need them right away!

What does the future hold for Dismantled Fashions?

More, more and maybe… more! I want to grow as far as possible. I’m planning on hiring some assistants soon to speed up the production time and allow for more time to design new items. And, I’ll be constantly adding new things, new prints/colors. I believe in personal style, looking amazing because it’s you, and having choice and options.

Photo from Dismantled Fashions

Emily has also offered all my lovely readers a discount code for their next purchase at Dismantled Fashions. Use code ‘dangerdelux ‘ at the checkout to receive 15% off.

Dismantled Fashions can also be found on facebook, so make sure to go like her page so you can hear about new products and promotions.!/DismantledFashions


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