Collectif Clothing

Collectif Clothing, which hails from London, provides rockin’ attire to rockabilly, psycobilly, and pin-up babes. Colletif Clothing has a wide range of vintage inspired attire, including swing dresses, pencil skirts, suits, gorgeous blouses, playsuits, and much more. The shapes and prints used are reminiscent of 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s clothing, with a little modern touch for todays gal. Collectif Clothing has a huge following. Whenever I find an item I just have to have, it’s already sold out! When they have a sale, you have act quick, as there are a ton of gals, worldwide, who are salivating over that same darn flamingo top as you ( and me!).

I have a few items from Collectif and find the quality to be top-notch. I intend on adding much more Collectif to my wardrobe in the future… if I could only decide what to get first!

Black and White Swing dress by Collectif, which I purchased from Rowena

The Wanda top by Collectif, which I got from the lovely Pin Up Persuasion via the PUG Swap/Sell facebook page

Make sure to check out the size chart before making your order. Because they are a UK company, their sizes are also in UK! I take a 10 or 12 in UK sizing, and a medium, or 8/10 in American. You can find Collectif in stores like Rowena ( or your local rockabilly shop), if you don’t want to take a chance shopping online.

Peacock print swing dress from Collectif, I purchased from Blame Betty in Calgary. This was at the Dead City Prom about a year ago, with one of my gal pals

Photo from a shoot I did a while back, with the same dress as above. My parasol is from Rowena too.

You can find Collectif Clothing on facebook, to keep up to date on new products, giveaways, and sales. Shop online at the Collectif Clothing website or stop by Rowena to see what they have in stock.


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