Style Icon: Ginger Grant

Ginger Grant, played by Tina Louise, has always been an icon of sorts for me. Ginger is the quintessential Hollywood Glamour girl, who is a self-proclaimed “Movie Star”. Her twinkling eyes, perfectly placed beauty mark, and her signature red hair combined with her sultry voice and flirtatious ways, make Ginger an iconic 1960’s beauty.

If I was a character in Gilligan’s Island, I would most definitely be Ginger Grant. She oozes sex appeal, but is also very sweet. She is a bit delusional about her acting career, but I think she’s fun  none the less.

 Ginger often talks about her past roles as a movie star ( which include lab assistant, bare-foot fortune-teller, and other very important roles). Basically, she was just getting started when she got ship wrecked! Ginger was also a singer, and fronted the island band The Honeybees.

Ginger always looks stunning… it’s a wonder where she gets her makeup and hair products from. She usually dresses provocatively, which matches her glamorous personality; her evening gowns, bathing suits, and other outfits are very fashionable and on que for the style of the 60’s.

Check your local listings for re-runs of Gilligans Island!


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