Addie-Lou by Miss Candyfloss

I received this lovely Addie-Lou pencil skirt from Miss Candyfloss in the mail last week. Again, I was a little unsure about what size to order, but after talking to the Miss Candyfloss gals, I went ahead and ordered a medium- and it fits like a glove ( if you’re not sure about sizing, definitely ask! Theres nothing worse than getting a package in the mail and finding out your purchase doesn’t fit).

a view from behind

The detail on this skirt is amazing. In fact, the details on all Miss Candyfloss items are amazing. The piping creates a sassy, curvy line, which gives a very va-va-voom shape. The Addie-Lou has red and black polka-dot piping, front pockets, and a little extra detailing along the back-slit. The cut is high- just the way I like it- adding the retro effect.There is a small amount of stretch to the material, but don’t expect a heck of a lot of give- this baby is tight!

a closer look at the front, from the Miss Candyfloss website

Those are real pockets ladies! And if your anything like me, you love pockets on dresses and skirts! There are a ton of different colours available in the same style as the Addie-Lou and they all have matching tops. Head on over to Miss Candyfloss and get one ( or two) for yourself!

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