Avental Kitchenware

I have a treat for all you cats and kittens today. Sandy, from Avental Kitchenware, set down her sewing needle and aprons for a few minutes to answer some questions for us!

Avental Kitchenware, for those who don’t know, is an apron haven! Avental Kitchenware sells handmade alternative aprons, in a ton of prints – cherry, sugar skull, leopard, cupcake, Elivis, stripes, you get the idea.

Lets get started, shall we?

1. Where did the idea for Avental Kitchenware come from?

The idea for Avental Kitchenware actually came out of boredom. One night while at home, I didn’t have much to do so decided to sew something….well I made myself an apron.  A friend later saw my apron and wanted one for herself and the rest is history!

2.  How important do you think it is to shop local or shop Canadian?

Avental Kitchenware is a Canadian brand.  I find it very important to shop Canadian and better yet, to shop local.  It can be difficult at times not to cross border shop, however I try my hardest to shop Canadian and support our economy.

3. Do you make all the Aprons yourself?

All Avental Kitchenware aprons are handmade.  Not only is it important to me that they are handmade…..to me it makes it personal, but it is also rewarding to see an apron come together and worn by others. Sandy makes all the aprons herself!

4. Where can a gal purchase an Avental apron?

Avental Kitchenware aprons can be purchased online at www.aventalkitchenware.com  or in Milton, ON at Couture Cupcake Boutique.

5. What would you say is your most popular apron?

The most popular apron is the Beetlejuice full apron…..black and white stripes with a pink pocket! That one is definitely my favorite

6. What do you bake when you wear your Avental Apron?

When I wear my Avental Apron, I bake cupcakes…..and if you read my bio on my website you would understand those cupcakes are not from scratch 😉

7. Is there anything you have always wanted to make/bake but haven’t? Maybe because it looked to hard or had a ton of ingredients? For me its been tiramasu, although I’m actuality certain it’s not that hard…

I have always wanted to bake chocolate lava cake but never have….it looks too difficult lol…

8. What else might we find on the Avental Kitchenware website?

Not only can you purchase aprons and house wares on the website, but you can purchase shoes!!! I am a HUGE shoe lover!!! I do not even know how many I own…..there are too many to count!!! I thought why not share my love for shoes with others and have them available online.

9. Anything else you would like us to know?

If you do not see a print online that you like, I encourage people to message me with an apron they have in mind…..and I try my best to make them the apron of their choosing.

So what are you waiting for?! Head on over to Avental Kitchenware and get your very own rockabilly apron! While your at it, be sure you check out the Avental Kitchenware facebook page to get updates on new designs and prints

And remember kittens, follow me on twitter and find Danger De Lux on facebook too


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