the end of an era

There is a beautiful, retro 1950’s house in the River Valley. It is along my jogging path; every time I pass it, I envy those who have got to live in it and enjoy its amazing, unique architecture. It has been for sale for quite some time, but of course, is way out of my price range ( in fact, out of many gals).The other weekend, I saw that there was a garage sale, or rather, a moving sale, at the house, so you bet I stopped by. I asked the gal running the show if it were her house, and she said, yes they lived there, they were renting. I told her how beautiful it was. She knew as well. I asked about the inside and she said I could have a look! This was a dream come true! The inside was gorgeous. There were rounded. arched doorways, retro light fixtures, vintage bathroom fixtures, unconventionally shaped rooms, and a general retro feel. Not everything was original. The couple had put in the light fixtures themselves and bought items to suit the era of the home. I am almost certain the kitchen had been re-done, as the colouring, textures, counter top, etc, did not have that 1950’s look; either way it has to at least be from the 1980s ( although, don’t quote me on that as I can only guess from what I have seen in other retro homes). The couple was generous enough to let me take some photos of the home, which I am going to share! Sadly, the house was purchased by someone without the appreciation of a good retro home, who doesn’t understand the rarity this house possess, someone who plans to demolish it to build a fancy, modern home.

Grey Stone and Pink Trim- the perfect combination

There was amazing detail inside and out.

 The second floor; the windows have the same detailing. There are some “port hole'” windows as well.

The back of the house- everything must go!

The patio on the second floor, where I would imagine sunbathing and drinking Pina Coladas

Vintage vanity cabinet.



. The “shingle room”. Two of the walls were covered in wooden shingles. To the right, a close up, including a vintage wall scone. Above, a gorgeous lamp, in the same room.

 The living room fire-place, with the original carving in tact.

 The owner told me the man who built/designed the house was somewhat of a local celebrity in his day, who also had a passion for boating. You can see his love of boating in the house in various place- the carving in the fire-place and the port-hole windows. The house is one-of-a-kind and really should not be torn down. Unfortunately, not everyone can see what you or I see. Not everyone goes weak in the knees for vintage or wishes they were born in the 1950’s. In Edmonton, where I live, houses like this are a rarity. In Edmonton, there are also a lot of rich men, looking to get richer.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. This house truly is my dream house. I wish the family who lived there the best of luck, and hope they find a new home they can love just as much as this one.


6 thoughts on “the end of an era

  1. Sad to see houses like this being torn down. There’s a historical building in the town where my fiancee is from that has been boarded up for years falling apart because the owners can’t afford to restore it and won’t sell. Such a waste!

  2. This house was a great house and was wonderful for dropping in and staying a few days!! The people you talk of are my cousins and they filled the house with a lot of love and fun! We stayed there many times … I loved reading your blog and am so sorry to read that this beautiful house … So full of character… Will be torn down … Thanks for writing!

    • Im glad you enjoyed it. this house was so amazing and I am so lucky to have gotten to see the inside of it and get these few photos! Your cousins are truly very lovely people

  3. Nooooooooooooooo!! So sad this house is being torn down, it is amazing!! Go chain yourself to the house or something!! haha 😦 I would LOVE to live here!! Do you know how much it sold for?

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