Rowena’s Summer Sale

Rowena’s summer basement sale is back and it starts this Saturday. If I were you, I’d get on down there and check it out. The whole basement is filled with marked down clothing, shoes, and accessories. Expect to find dresses by the dozens- summer dresses, casual dresses, formal dresses, and last ones of their size and style. Look for shoes- iron fist, T.U.K., boots, flats, heels. There will be hoodies, cardigans, tank tops, pants, skirts- everything! Rowena carries some of the top alternative and rockabilly brands like: Pinup Girl Clothing, Rock Steady, Sailor Jerry, Iron Fist, Bettie Page, Lucky 13, and a heck of a lot more!

The doors open at 10 am this Saturday and Sunday. Check Rowenas facebook page for more updates on when the basement will be open and when new stock is added.

 See you there

Rowena is located at: 10762 82 ave.


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