Emmelie Aslin-retro & pin-up photographer

Lovely Swedish photographer, Emmelie Aslin, stopped  by Danger De Lux to answer a few questions!  If you’re not familiar with Miss Emmelie Aslin, it’s about time you know who she is. She takes some of the most gorgeous pin-up and vintage inspired photos I have seen. I feel honoured just to have her on my blog and have her share some photos with us, I could only imagine how amazing it would be to be shot by her!

Calamity Amelie by Photographer Emmelie Aslin
Photographer Emmelie Aslin @ Facebook

1 I’ve never been to Sweden, so I’m not  sosure what its like. Are there a lot of places to find good vintage clothing or housewares? What is the music scene like?

I live in Sundsvall which is in the middle of Sweden to the east coast and we do have some second-hand and vintage clothing stores. Although it’s not often that I find something of my taste here. I buy most of my vintage clothing and accessories on Etsy, there’s just too many goodies on there! There’s a lot of nice housewares here though, and often they’ll be cheaper here compared to in the South of Sweden where people tend to spend more.

I’d say the music scene is quite alright. I’m probably not the right person to ask because although I love music I’m not too involved. Me and my girls always dance and have a good time no matter what band is playing.

2. Are you a vintage lover yourself? Do you have favorite era?

I love the designs, the colors, and the playfulness about the 1940- 1950s clothing and accessories. I have a vintage wardrobe circling around that era and it’s getting pretty decent. Most vintage lovers would probably agree when I say my wardrobe will never be complete. No matter how many adorable little numbers I get to fill it with there’ll always be new pieces missing to the puzzle.

Miriam Parkman by Photographer Emmelie Aslin
Photographer Emmelie Aslin @ Facebook

3. What are some of your favorite bands? Are there some local Sweden bands you can share with the rest of us?

Some might think I’m only into old beats and rock & roll, and they’re partially right. My musical taste is quite broad and I love old music but I also love hiphop, Irish music and rock. I don’t have a lot of bands or musicians that I follow year after year. My spotify playlist will have one song with one band, two with another etc. I’ve loved Eminem since his first album though, and I also think that Dropkick Murphy’s have a lot of really great songs. When I was younger the Swedish punk rock band Millencolin was played over and over again on my CD player. I still know the lyrics by heart.

4. What type of photography do you do most? Why do you think that is? What is it that draws you to it?

I’m specialized in pin-up and vintage photography and although I photograph different things as well that’s where my heart is. My dad is partner in a company that sells old american car parts, and so we’ve always had a lot of cars in our family. I’ve gone to car shows, cruises, and swap meets for as long as I can remember. When I started photographing, the cars and the culture around them became a natural part of my photography.

Susan D, Frida Eriksson, and Rebecka Johansson by Photographer Emmelie Aslin
Photographer Emmelie Aslin @ Facebook

5. Your from Sweden. Do you travel often for shoots? How can someone from North America book a shoot with you?

I wouldn’t say I travel a lot but I am beginning to travel more and more. I went to Los Angeles and Las Vegas earlier this year to photograph some American pin-up models (and to go to VLV of course). Last year I went to the United Kingdom to photograph two ladies with old airplanes in May and in September I went to Finland and the X-treme car show. If someone far away wanted to book me for a shoot I’d say to try to catch me if we ever go to the same event or place! Or to come to Sweden, it’s quite lovely here.

6. Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you or your photography?

To me, no matter what you do, if you go to work happy you’re in the right place. I’m very happy, and fortunate to be able to do what I love and create images for a living. It’s my number one passion and you’ll catch me dead before I’ll ever stop.

Micheline Pitt and Josh McKevitt by Photographer Emmelie Aslin
Photographer Emmelie Aslin @ Facebook

Be sure to look up Emmelie Aslin on facebook and check out her amazing photos. You can also head to her website and have a peak at her blog, where she also posts photos from shoots, features in magazines, and events she has attended.

All Photos by:

Photographer Emmelie Aslin


Photographer Emmelie Aslin @ Facebook

All photos have been used with permision by the photographer. All photos are copy writed by the photographer and may not be used for anything outside of this post/publication without the photographers permission.


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