I’ve been busy…

As you may have noticed, post have been a little light as of late. But not to worry, I am working on that! I thought I may give you a little insight into my personal world, which has been keeping my busy and thus not able to post as much.

Yesterday was my last day at a job I have been at for four years; a job I hated and which made me very unhappy. I have only just now been able to leave and still feel financially secure. So over the last two weeks, I had been training two gals who would be taking over my position- this kept me busy at work all day long and my brain was still running even after I left the office.I have since found a lovely part-time job at my favorite store- Rowena! They are an alternative clothing store ( selling tons of rad rockabilly dresses,among a ton of other stuff). I have already worked a handful of shifts, and expect there will be many more in the neat future. I’m sure you can imagine a new job keeps you very busy as well! It is a welcomed break, however, from my previous office job, where I actually worked alone; working at Rowena gives me a great opportunity to socialize and interact with other living people!

I am still running the River Valley Vixen Boot Camp which will come to end over the next few weeks! The weather has been a bit stressful- either super hot or storming! This has caused either us to cancel boot camp or for people to just not show up- which drives me crazy! I have also been trying to keep up with my own working out.

I have been working on Danger De Lux accessories, and getting together packages for some of my favorite bloggers. I still await photos from the shoot I did last week, which guaranteed will keep me busy as heck trying to get them all on Etsy.

Danger De Lux vintage reworked clutch

Other than that, I have been working on things around the house, trying to get involved in more writing, volunteer opportunities, and exciting things to come in the fall (more info on that later). Hopefully things will either calm down or just fall nicely in to routine, which will allow me to create some rad posts for ya’ll. So stay tuned for excting posts and adventures!

Danger De Lux vintage reworked clutch


2 thoughts on “I’ve been busy…

  1. Oooh those purses! Yum! Hope you’re enjoying the new job! I love my job, but I’m also a bit jealous you get to work in a rockabilly clothing and accessories store 😉

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