Style Icon: Kat Von D

Its been a few weeks since I posted my last style icon. Well, her she is, in all her glory: Kat Von D. I’m sure we can all agree that Kat has killer style and is always looking foxy, right? Weather or not you like her personality, surely you still like her style! Feast your eyes on some sexy Kat Von D…

Like most of my style icons, Kat is not only stylish and gorgeous, she is also successful.  Not only is she an outstanding tattoo artists, she has created a wicked cosmetics line, a clothing line, and has become a style icon and role model to millions.

A while back I posted about my make-up essentials; if you read it, you would know how much I love the Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes ( you should definitely check them out if you havent yet). She is one of those gals that shows the public that you can be heavy tattooed but still glamorous and a genuine person.

Love her or hate her, she is a total babe either way.


2 thoughts on “Style Icon: Kat Von D

  1. I have ALWAYS adored her even with the tribulations in the media. I traveled to Toronto and waited in line for 3 hours at her 1st book signing. LOVE LOVE LOVE her 3 piece liquid eyeliner set!!! Her makeup line is hands down one of the best on the market!

    • really?! thats pretty cool! I love her makeup too!! Ive only used the eye shadow and lipstick, but they are amazing! I’ve looked into her eyeliner before, but I only wear waterproof and I dont think hers are

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