Danger De Lux- Killer Accessories for Sassy Kittens

I’m sure you have heard me talk about my Danger De Lux accessories previously, but now they are actually here! In my last post I shared that I had got back the pictures from the photo shoot done by Jessica Loughlin Photography….and those pictures were all of Danger De Lux products. So I got to work and set up my Etsy shop, appropriately named Danger De Lux.

Danger De Lux is a rockabilly and couture-esque accessory line, selling vintage inspired and rockabilly hair fasinators, one of a kind charm necklaces, unique earrings, and vintage re-worked clutches ( made to have a modern and rock n roll feel). I had previously been selling my line under the name Lolita Lemon,  but in the past few months have been working on re-branding the line to make it stand out a bit more and have a little edge. I am very excited and proud with what the line has become thus far.

I would love for you to check out my Etsy shop and let me know what you think! Danger De Lux also does custom orders, so if you’re in the market for something particular for your weddings, bridesmaids, prom, or really, anything, than just message me! I love doing custom work for people- its a little more personal and that gives me even more motivation to make it just right!

You can also find Danger De Lux at Rowena, in Edmonton;  you ask the pretty ladies working for it by name! I’d love to get Danger De Lux in a few more shops so if you have a lovely little shop that would be interested, please send me a message! There are more products to come as well, so make sure to check my Etsy shop regularly.

 **Pictures posted here are not to be used outside of this publication without the permission of the owner.


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