what i wore: snake print shift dress

I have some big news for you! Are you ready?! I have decided to grow my fringe/bangs out! I have had bettie type bangs for about 10 years now and even though I love them so much, they are just getting in the way! I work out a lot… and sweaty bangs are not a good look, so I have decided to sacrifice my bangs, in order to save my sanity when working out. Heres hoping the grow out process is a nice one (ya right!). So, if you notice my bangs are a little…off…in my photos you now know why.

The other day I visited my mom at her place of work, which happens to be a clothing store! She is the big boss lady of said clothing store and asked me if I would like to try on a few dresses. Of course I would! One of the ones I tried on was a brown and beige snake print dress, which made me think of a 60’s shift dress. I don’t usually wear brown, but I loved this dress. I wore it to work the other day with some thrifted wedges.

Dress: Bianca Nygard. Shoes: Le Chateau via Value Village

It was a sunny, warm day, and this little dress was just perfect!


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