wedding: StellarStationary

No matter how hard I  wish or how often I day dream I highly doubt I will be married anytime in the near future. But all I hear and read about are people getting married! At work there are always gals coming in looking for bridesmaids dresses or a frock to where to their themed bachelorette party ( ie. pinup/50’s housewife/retro). Often, when I am on websites like Pinterest or Etsy, I’ll pin or favorite weddings items and pictures to save for that one day when it is my turn. But since its not my turn, but all of your turns, I wanted to share with you my latest find- StellarStaintionary.

StellarStationary makes affordable wedding invites and coordinates- wedding programs, save the date cards, RSVP cards, bridal shower invites, etc.  Many have a vintage feel, mixed with modern aesthetics; all are elegant, playful, and unique.

StellarStationary offers very affordable invites and cards, as well as various text, colour, and paper choices. They also give you the option of self print/DIY, if you’d prefer to go that route.

I love how StellarStationary is not your every day, average, wedding stationary. I really enjoy the vintage and rockabilly feel to the invites, which of course, is right up my alley!  Please check the Etsy site if there is a wedding in your future ( near or far) or if you know someone who is on the hunt for some wicked invites.

Check out StellarStationary on Etsy for more info and to order your wedding invites and coordinates for your upcoming celebration.


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