Jersey Boys- The Musical

On Sunday night, my boyfriend and I went to Jersey Boys- The Story of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. Thanks to Sheri Bombs review, I remembered I had wanted to go to the show! And I am so happy I did. It was fantastic. So here is a quick run-down/review…

The set was fairly minimal, but was very cleverly used; the setting was changed quite easily with the addition of a few tables and chairs, or mics, a bar, a bed, etc. Signs and pop art pictures were also used, to give the setting more life; the fun pop art was really great and definitely added to the feel of the era.

The acting, performing,and singing were exceptional. The guys who played The Four Seasons were great! Frank Valli, who naturally was my favorite, was played by John Micheal Dias, had such am amazing voice and was spot on. The rest of the band included Preston Truman Boyd as Bob Gaudio, John Gardiner as Tommy DeVito, and Micheal Lomenda as Nick Massi; they all also did a fabulous job.

The band had easy, adaptable costumes, which could be said to be time period specific ( but also a little modern). I really enjoyed Mary Delgado played by Kara Tremel; her lines were priceless and her wardrobe was very well done. Other wise, the costumes were fairly reminiscent of the time period, although they probably could have been a little better.

In the spirit of things, I got all dolled up for the show.

Dress: Hellbunny purchased at Rowena

I even did my hair! This was my first real attempt at Victory Rolls ( well, I’ve practised them at home before, but have never worn them out). I think I did a fairly good job, right?

Flower by Danger De Lux

I highly recommend you go see Jersey Boys if it plays in your town. The show is in Edmonton until September 2nd, so you still have some time to go! Head to Ticketmaster to get tickets before they are all gone!


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