Style Icon: Brody Dale

Brody Dale, of The Distillers, is a special sort of style icon. Brody was a high school idol of mine and my best friends. Not only was she married to Tim Armstrong (meow), she was the  front-women of killer band. The Distillers were raw, but catchy and just what some teenage, angst, ridden gals yearned for. Her style was carefree and bad-ass. See for yourself …

My style evolved from grungy, punk rock high school kid, into what it is today… a little rock n roll, a little vintage, and a little rockabilly. Brody was our style icon then, and just like I’ve evolved, she of course, has as well. Now the front women of The Spinerette, mother of two, and wife to Josh Homme, her style is a little more refined, as one might expect.

Whenever I listen to The Distillers I get nostolgic. Even though I hated high school, it reminds me of the fun I had with the few good friends I had, especially my best friend.

Then & Now


2 thoughts on “Style Icon: Brody Dale

  1. Oh Gosh! Are you me!?!? haha I used to LOVE Brodie and The Distillers! All the same high school emotions and experiences as you too! To be honest though, I hadn’t really kept up with Brodie so had no idea she has 2 kinds now!! Very cool though and I love her new style just as much as her old, bad ass ways.

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