what i wore: sourpuss

Last week I really wanted to buy a cute new dress, so I did! I wanted something a little different from what I usually wear, so I tried on a really cute Sourpuss dress and thought it was adorable! It’s not something I would usually wear, but I’m trying out new things lately, and figured, why not. I went out for a few drinks and decided to wear it out it, so here it is kittens, my new Sourpuss dress…

This little Sourpuss slip dress has a lovely bone, brain, and heart motif on it, with a cinched waist- I added a belt to extenuate it a bit more.

Sourpuss Dress purchased at Rowena. Shoes from Aldo.

I also got these very cute sparkly bone hair clips by Kreepsville 666 from RetroGlam.com. They went perfectly with this dress.

It’s not my usual pin-up inspired look, but I still thought I looked pretty good, if I do say so myself. I’m trying out a new hair style as well, as I grow out my bangs- any thoughts?

And here’s a little sassy photo for ya’ll, showing off my favorite ink. Oh hey, by the way, do you know I’m on twitter?! Follow if you fancy @DangerDeLux. And I have a facebook page and I would love for you to ‘like’ that as well, if you would’nt mind.


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