style icon: peg bundy

Can we all just take a minute to admit how great Peg Bundy was? She was a sexy, sassy, Ginger with wicked style. Any good rockabilly or punk gal, has a little leopard ( or a lot) in their wardrobe. Peg Bundy rocked animal print like nobodys business. She was a 90’s pin-up goddess- big, firey, red hair, animal print, tight pants, and high heels every day. Me-ow.

You can all see that Peg was a rockabilly babe, right?

Not only did she have wicked style, she also was a sassy sex kitten. I don’t know how this babe ended up with a dead beat like Al, who for some reason never wanted to get it on with this redheaded bombshell! What was up with that?

I must admit, as a fellow ginger, I have also felt a little connection to Peg; Not to mention my extreme love of animal print and chocolate! In fact, I think we should all put a little Peg into out lives, with a lil leopard print and extra hairspray.


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