lets get physical…

Those who know me well, know how much I love working out. Those who follow my blog or other social media sites, may have heard me mention I’ve gone back to school. Well, its time to let the kitten out of the bag… I decided to put my love of fitness to good use and have returned to post-secondary school to take Personal Fitness Training. I’m really pumped about it and can’t wait to be certified so I can starting getting all those lazy kittens out there in shape! When I graduate I will be a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, which is a heck of a lot more than those silly training courses some people take over the weekend; I will be fully qualified and filled with tons of knowledge about how the body works, moves, and a ton of awesome, healthy, safe, and effective training methods.

I have been working out like a maniac for the past two years and have struggled quite a bit… none-the-less I keep at it and am now getting a ton on useful information to apply to myself and my future clients. My boyfriend and I went for a bike ride ( I threw in some stairs, push ups, triceps dips, and bicycle crunches as well to amp it up), so I figured it would be a great time to get some fitness photos to share in this post!

Check out those triceps! ha… My arms have become my favorite part of my body. I intend on making sure all my clients do their triceps dips too!

So watch out sassy cats and kittens, two years from now I intend on being even more fit and helping others get there too! If I’m not blogging as often as previously, know it is becuase school has taken over and is keeping me very busy! But don’t worry I am the same rockabilly, rock n roll, fashion and retro lovin gal… I just need to slip into a sports bra and running shoes a little more often.


4 thoughts on “lets get physical…

  1. I’m looking forward to some fitness tips too! I’ve always struggled with my weight and even though I’m pretty happy with where I’m at (size 12) I can sometimes slip to a size 14 (naughty). I also HATE exercise which doesn’t help…so I look forward to getting some helpful info and hopefully some inspiration to get off my butt!

    • I can def try to give you some motivation. I love working out!! I only just discovered this within the last two years. When i miss a workout I always feel really guilty… I love to encourage other people to work out too!!

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