Flare World Runway Tour

On Thursday I headed down to the Art Gallery of Alberta to attend the Flare World Runway Tour. I had recently purchased my first Stop Starring dress from JBR and was very excited to have somewhere to wear it! I haven’t been out in ages, so I took this opportunity to get dolled up and enjoy myself. You bet I snapped some photos of my outfit for you all to see…

Isnt it gorgeous? It fit like a glove, which was a huge relief! I hadn’t even tried on a Stop Starring dress before and was just crossing my fingers it fit.

I paired it with some low satin Steve Maden shoes, a vintage gold pearl necklace, and a vintage clutch.

I went to the Fashion Show with one of my best gal pals, Amber. With my very busy schedule, I don’t get out much, so it was nice to finally get out and have a gals night.

I also snapped some shots off the runway, which featured this seasons main style trends.

Proceeds from the evening went to the Heart and Stroke Foundation; more specifically, The Heart Truth, which is dedicated to research towards women’s heart health.

This event was a ton of fun and really was a nice break from work and school. The Art Gallery was transformed into an stylish, fashionable venue, accented in red lighting, which fit perfectly with the overall theme of the night…The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

The styles that hit the runway included Royal Hues, like Oxblood and Royal Blue, Tribal Prints, Suits,and Leather. Beauty trends that are hot these season are unexpected cat-eye liner, textured nails, ombre and bright coloured hair, and blood-stained lips.

I can’t wait to wear this dress again, and hopefully to another fabulous event


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