danger de lux thanks you with a giveaway!!

As promised, after reaching 5000 hits, finally a giveaway to celebrate! First off, I’m uber excited you all are reading my wee blog and (hopefully) enjoy it! Thank you so much for sharing with you pals and coming back to see whats new.

So, let’s get going. This giveaway is super easy to enter, and the winner will receive everything listed below. Here is what you can win:

1. A $15 gift certificate to Dismantled Fashions, a favorite shop here at Danger De Lux ( Emily from Dismantled Fashions stopped by not to long ago for an interview, you can read it here). Dismantled fashions makes sassy skirts, dresses, headbands, etc, inspired by our favorite era, but with a modern touch.

2. A $25 gift certificate from Go Gidget Go. This is a local gal, who handmakes killer purses, mittens, hats, and jewelry. She has a great Etsy store for your shopping pleasure, so be sure to check it out

And 3. A $25 gift certificate to JBR Clothing, where you can find the likes of Hellbunny, Stop Starring, Heartbreaker, Lux de Ville, and a whole ton more. Be sure to check out their website for yourself!

Alright, so here is how to enter.

1. Like Danger De Lux on facebook, follow on Twitter, following along via email subscription

2. Like Dismantled Fashions on facebook and follow on Twitter

3. Like Go Gidget Go on facebook and follow on Twitter

4. Like JBR Clothing on facebook and follow on Twitter

Thats it! Easy Peasy! Doing the above will get you FOUR entries into the giveaway. Leave a comment to let me know when you have liked and followed all the appropriate people/places and make sure to leave an email or way to contact you if you win! The giveway will run until October 28th.

Good luck Kittens!!


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