gift guide- the rockabilly guy

It seems only fitting to do the rockabilly guy, as I did the rockabilly gal. It seems as though guys are either really easy to shop for or really hard to shop for. Hopefully I can give you some ideas for your guy, which ever one he may be.

1. The Switchblade Comb, to make sure their pompadore is just right. Get one at Rowena ( coming soon) or online

switchblade-comb2. Rock Steady Bowling Shirt from

3.A band t-shirt like this one from Sourpuss Clothing

4.A killer flask or cigarette case from Retro-A-Go-Go. Get it online or at Rowena

5. Sailor Jerry Cufflinks from Etsy

6. A Lucky 13 Jacket. Get one online or in store at Rowena

7. Something Rat Fink! Check out the official website for a ton of Rat Fink















I hope this helps you out when your figuring out what to get your fella (or brother, or best friend, etc). Don’t stray too far, there will be more gift guides coming soon!


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