gift guide- vintage enthusiaist

I’m back with another gift guide! This time for the vintage lover. I love vintage- vintage cars, vintage furniture, vintage makeup & hair, vintage clothes… you get the point. So here are a few ideas for the vintage enthusiast in your life!

1. Vintage Jewelry. This can easily be found online or Antique Malls. If you live somewhere awesome, maybe in a second hand store. I have found some amazing, true vintage pieces in smaller 2nd hand stores, which usually get over looked.

2.Vinatge Makeup or Hairstyling Book. You can get these at any book store, online, or at Rowena


3. Some vintage decor or home wares… like wall art, vintage glasses, kitchen tins, sunburst clock, etc. These can all be found with a little luck at a 2nd hand store or a lot of luck at an Antique Mall



4. A vintage purse. Again, these can be found at antique malls, 2nd hand stores, or even Etsy


5. Artwork featuring Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Classic Cars, or Pinup girls

Tyson McAdoo

Tyson McAdoo


Antique Malls, second hand stores, and alternative boutiques are the places you will want to go to find something for a vintage lover. Etsy is also a great place to look, but make sure to get your orders in fast! There will be more gift guides next week!


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