gift guide- misc.

This will be the last gift guide for the year. I hope you got some good ideas from them and now have almost all your shopping done! I have a few more things I wanted to share with you- just the loose ends, miscellaneous items that I love and that you or someone you know might love too!

1. A gift box from Lush. I don’t know anyone who does not love Lush! They have some amazing gift boxes this year,for every budget!


2. Hello Kitty by Loungefly. Get it online or at Rowena


19593.A pair of wicked heels, like these by Too Fast. Now available at Rowena


4. Adult pajama onsies…Get your at Rowena. These things are bad to the bone, guys and gals, and I think we all could use one!


5.Perfume! Yes please! What gal doesn’t want a nice bottle of oh so pretty perfume?! I just received the new Balenciaga perfume and it is delectable


I hope you all have a lovely holiday!  I have special plans for the next few weeks,which I will sure with you, if you are patient! Ill be back with a few more posts this week and then will be MIA for about a week and a half


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