my latest beauty finds

I have a few new beauty finds to share with you. I love reading about what beauty products other gals are using and figured you probably do too. I have a handful of new products I have been using lately, which I am quite pleased with.

1. Some new hair products: Bumble and Bumble thickening spray- my hairdresser uses this when she styles my hair and recommended it for fullness. Got2b glued hairspray- this stuff works amazing. I highly recommend it, as it was highly recommended to me! And Layrite pomade- traditionally for men, but I use it on my fringe when I pin them back or when I do victory rolls.

2012-12-20 20.18.19

2. Moroccan Oil. I have used this before but ran out and just recently got more. I love it! It makes my hair so soft and shiny! I sometimes uses it on my dry hair before I go to bed to wake up to soft waves in the morning.

2012-12-20 20.20.56

3. BB Cream by Maybelline. I have tried the one by Garnier and was not so impressed; this one however, is great.

2012-12-20 20.20.10

4. The new Balenciaga perfume, Florabotanica. I love perfume…the more the better! This one is so pretty and exactly the scent I like best. If you get a chance to try it out, you definitely should.

2012-12-20 20.18.44

5. M.A.C. lip gloss set. It has 2 cremesheen glosses and 2 dazzlegass glosses. My boyfriend got it for me and I am quite impressed. I think I have tried one lip gloss from M.A.C quite some time ago, but these ones are very nice. The colours are great too.

2012-12-20 20.19.20

Well, those are my latest beauty finds. If you have any new ones your digging, please do share! Like I said, I love to hear what  beauty products other ladies are using.


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