hawaii part 1

Like I mentioned in my last post, I was lucky enough to get to go to Hawaii for a whole 10 days over the holidays. I try my best to go away this time year, because this is the only time I get a significant chunk of time off. So, after 3.5 months of straight work and school, and not a single day off, I boarded my flight to Maui and said see you later to -30 degrees C weather!

hawaii 373

Going to Hawaii was on my bucket list and I really did not foreseen getting to go any time soon, but I made up my mind and saved all my pennies… because, let me tell you, Hawaii ain’t cheap! Sunshine and high temperatures is my favorite kind of weather, so I was happy as a clam in the Maui heat!

hawaii 040

Hawaiian Shaved Ice

We stayed in Kihei, a lovely town, with tons of beaches, good food, and easy access to other towns, public transportation, and snorkelling! Because we booked our trip a little late, we could not get a resort or a condo and had to settle for what was left… which was a Days Inn right on the beach. I have to admit, the hotel was just okay, but it was in a great location which made up for it a bit. When I go back to Hawaii I will make sure to book it early enough to get a rad hotel or condo… and rent a car… I wish someone would have told us to rent a car- it would have made a world of a difference- but everything was sold out by the time we clued it!

hawaii 289

I did a lot of suntanning on the beach, snorkelling, exploring, and went on a few days trips…all of which I will tell you about it the days to come. I spent Christmas day, as well as New Years Eve and day in Maui…I am use to not being home for christmas, and this time it was no different- it didn’t feel very christmasy, but New Years Eve was filled with fireworks on the beach, something we in a landlocked province don’t get to experience…ever!

hawaii 026

I will have some fun posts for you over the next few days, filled with what I wore and some of the things I snagged!


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