hawaii- what i wore

I’m going to start off by saying not to expect any fancy or extravagant outfits… this vacation was very casual and did not involve any fancy dinners or nights on the town. And, I didn’t even get photos of all my outfits ( I know, I’m a bad lil blogger). But I figured you’d still be interested in seeing the lighter side of my wardrobe.

hawaii 043

My new favorite top by Too Fast, from Rowena. My favorite workout shorts from LuluLemon (don’t judge) and some sandals…

I did a lot of just strolling around and it was very hot so I wore a lot of tank tops, shorts, and sandals… the usual hot weather, vacation attire.

hawaii 073

I love this dress! I a friend of mine gave it to me. It is by Morbid Threads. I got these killer wedges by Dolce Vita at Urban Outfitters for $30.

We went out on Christmas night to a rad Tiki Lounge we happened upon. I decided I’d spruce myself up a bit. Sorry about the bad picture…but I guess it’s better than nothing…?

hawaii 109

I got this Maxi dress from Dynamite in the mall for $30


This past summer  I feel in love with Maxi dresses and searched high and low for them… I did not have the best of luck, but I did find this amazing leopard print one at the mall. With a few alterations, it fit me like a glove. I feel comfortable but pretty and kind of sophisticated when I wear a Maxi dress. We stopped in at the Shops of Wailea, which was filled with post shops like Tiffany, on our way to a Luau.

hawaii 288

One of my favorite band tees, The Creep Show, with some comfy shorts…and yes, my running shoes!

We went on a very long bus tour around the island, which required comfortable clothes and shoes…I’m not one to wear my running shoes when Im not running, but at least they are black and pink ( my favorite colours).

Well, it doesn’t seem like I snapped too many fashion shots on my trip, so this will have to do. Stay put cause there will be more posts on more of what I did, someone awesome spots I found, and some of the goodies I brought home.


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