the southshore tiki lounge in maui

On our second day of vacation, which happened to be Christmas Day, as we were wondering around, we came across The South Shore Tiki Lounge. I knew instantly that we had to go in. I think it is safe to say Edmonton does not have anything remotely close to a Tiki Bar, so now was my chance to get in on the action.

hawaii 403

The decor was as to be expected- bamboo detailing, tiki glasses, amazing tiki rockabilly artwork on the walls ( that was for sale), a tiki bar (of course), teak, wood, tikis and tiki masks. The had tropical; cocktails, of course, that came in really awesome Tiki Mugs, like Mai Tais, Margherita’s, Pina Coladas, and other fun names drinks filled with yummy ingredients.

hawaii 051

The Tiki Lounge also has great food with some good vegetarian and vegan options, which is pretty important for a herbivore such as myself. Not to mention, this place has great prices and super yummy food. The first time we stopped in I had a veggie dog, served with homemade fries- it was quite tasty. When we came back later in the day for some evening cocktails, we also ordered some Nachos, which did not disappoint. I also bought my very own Tiki Mug…which I happen to be drinking out of right now.

hawaii 050

The atmosphere was pretty good too. They played decent music… meaning not top 40… the service was decent and the overall mood was chill. We went back one last time before we left for more cocktails and a vegan burger- which was also very delish!

hawaii 062

hawaii 061

If only there were a rad bar like this in my town… well, Id be there every day! It was just the kind of place I was hoping to find, and if I am fortunate enough to go back to Maui, I will definetly be stopping in… once or twice! So, when you’re in Kihei, or anywhere in Maui, make sure you head down to the South Shore Tiki Lounge for some quality food and tasty cocktails.

hawaii 057


hawaii 406

Check out the South Shore Tiki Lounge’s website and social media sites


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