maui- the road to hana

Before heading to Maui, I checked out some popular and fun things to do while there… and I came across the road to Hana- a windy drive around the coast through the rainforest. The Hana Highway consists of 620 curves and 59 lil bridges and some amazing sights.

hawaii 191

We booked a bus tour…which was a tad pricey, but like I mentioned earlier we couldn’t get a rental car and this was something I really wanted to do. The driver talked the whole time… telling us about where we were, what we were seeing, facts about the island, history, etc- it was interesting. Our first stop was in Paia- famous for windsurfing ( picture above).

hawaii 214

Like I mentioned, we drove through the rain forest. There were these amazing trees ( above) that naturally are coloured the way they are- they were so pretty! We also drove through bamboo forests, which I thought were amazing!

hawaii 215

We stopped on the side of the road a few times to get pictures of all these neat “exotic” things, as well as to have a peak at waterfalls and pretty views.

hawaii 222

Unfortunately because it was a tour, a lot of stops were very brief… some a little too brief actually. We stopped at some really rad places, like a black sand beach, but only got 20 minutes to check it out. It would have been nice to go swimming, but there just was not enough time.

hawaii 248

hawaii 268

We also stopped at some fresh water caves, which were really neat, but again there was not enough time to actually go swimming in them. After this stop, we all loaded back on the bus to get to out next destination…Hana! We stopped at very posh resort for lunch. The town itself is nothing spectacular, in that it is tiny and there is not much to it. In times past, it was a farming town; today there is still  a farm/ranch, but not much else, besides the pretty resort we stopped at.

hawaii 277

hawaii 286

There was this huge cross ( above) at the top of the hill in Hana, as a memorial to Paul Fagan who put quite a bit of time, effort, and money into the community. He started the Hana Ranch, which consisted of 14,000 acres and a herd of cattle; this ranch provided a ton of jobs for people in the area. The cross is made of lava rock and really is a beautiful, and eerie, site.

After we ate is was back on the bus for the bumpiest and scariest part of the journey. There was something like 13 miles of unpaved road to drive on; some parts you could literally see over the edge of the road into the crashing water below! Eeks!

hawaii 336

We stopped at little church as well, which apparently is never usually open, but it was when we drove by, so the driver pulled over and let us out to explore.

hawaii 347

Our final destination was a lovely little winery. We got to taste some very yummy wines! The winery used pineapples in place of grapes, because, well Hawaii has a few extra’s kickin around. It was some of the best wine I’ve tasted.

hawaii 359

hawaii 361

The trip was about 12 hours long… which was a little long. If you’re heading to Maui, I defiantly recommend checking out the road to Hana…either drive it yourself or take a tour, it is worth the time!

I found a website which details the history of Hana, if your interested, take a look.


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