what i wore: deadly dames

I finally took a break from studying and homework on the weekend to have a wee party in celebration of my birthday. I’ve been wanting to have fondue for quite some time, so I headed to the second-hand store to pick up a retro fondue pot, to have 60’s themed get together. I used my retro dishware as well and  my favorite vintage tom collins glasses.


I wanted to wear some thing snazzy for my birthday, so I got a new Pin Up Girl dress- the deadly dames wiggle halter dress. The instant I put it on, I feel in love. It fit me so well and made me feel like a million bucks.

deadly dames 003

This dress is based on the white one Wanda wore in Crybaby. It has a rad collar and bad ass skull brooch to kick it up a notch. I wore mine with satin high heels and accessorize with my favorite skull rings.

deadly dames 022


I think this dress is now my new favorite! I felt so good when I went out and I even got hit on ( a rare occasion!). I got mine at Rowena, my favorite pin-up and rockabilly shop. They also have in the white with black dots, if you fancy being just like Wanda. They have it up on their website RetroGlam.com as well, if you’re not in the city but still want this sassy wiggle dress for yourself.

I am a big fan of making fun, retro cocktails, so I made Mai Tais and Tom Collins for my girlfriends and I before we went out dancing. I didn’t get any shots of those though- we were too busy drinking them! I did manage to get a couple of pics from the rest of the evening though…





I hope you all had as much fun as I did this weekend!!

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And look for Rowena on facebook too and check out RetroGlam.com


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