PinUpGirl(s) & Rowena’s new Heidi

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I work at a Rockabilly/Alternative boutique, in the city I live in. It’s the place where I get all my lovely Pin Up Girl dresses and other rockabilly pieces I show off here for you! Rowena has been my favorite shop for quite some time and it should be yours too!

I’m sure you all know Rowena had an exlusive Heidi- the red floral everyone went gaga for ( read about it here)! They have another exclusive Heidi in and it is gorgeous! This exclusive Heidi is white with large black polka dots, black trim, and a black belt. Yummy! I have had the pleasure to see it on quite a few ladies and it looks amazing on- so crisp and clean! I’ve seen it on many body types too and as always, this Heidi is oh so flattering.

Edmonton Photographer, Blackbird Photography at Rowena Edmonton

I’d snatch this baby up right away if I were you… you know how girls are when they see something new and shinny… you don’t want to be left out without an exlcusive Heidi of your own! You can this Heidi ( and others, including the red floral) at or in store at Rowena. And if you’re afraid of white, well don’t be! This Heidi is made a nice, sturdy ( ie not see through) fabric, so your knickers won’t be showing! Just make sure you don’t eat BBQ or spaghetti when wearing this frock, and you will be alright!

Pin Up Girl Clothing also posted about the exclusive Heidi and Rowena on their blog which I suggest you go check out too! Pin Up Girl also asked for a few shots of Rowena and the fabulous gals who work there…

Edmonton Photographer, Blackbird Photography at Rowena Edmonton

This of course, is myself, and my lovely co-worker, who is wearing the new exlusive and very soon to be coveted Heidi.

Edmonton Photographer, Blackbird Photography at Rowena Edmonton

If you live in town and have yet to stop into Rowena, I suggest you get your cute butt in here! Your heart will literally skip a beat when you see the selection of dresses available for you. Rowena is also the only place in town that has Pin Up Girl Clothing too, so if thats what you’re looking for, now you know just where to find it.

Make sure you check out Rowena’s facebook page and to get your very own exclusive PUG Heidi


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