Las Vegas Kittens!

Hiya Cats and Kittens, I am back from a long six days in Las Vegas!! Like I had mentioned, I was there to go to a huge trade show to help buy some rad new stock for Rowena. Even though it was a work trip, you can bet I had a ton of fun!  Vegas is one of my most favorite places on earth and I already want to go back!!  I plan on telling you all about the amazing new stuff coming in the spring, but before I do, here are some fun pictures and tales from the trip!

On Saturday night, my lovely co-worker and I went to Chateau Nightclub at hotel Paris. I really wanted to go to this club and am oh so happy we did. We had way to much fun and definitely paid for it the next day…

vegas 018

vegas 019

Despite being very sick girls the next day, we bucked up and put on pretty dresses to visit the Charleston Antique Mall and a yucky swap meet ( full of crap and local vegas folk)…

vegas 024

vegas 025

Later in the day we headed to Ceasers Palace to do some shopping. We stopped in the Bettie Page store. I’m going to do a whole post about it, but here is a sneak peek…

vegas 031

On Monday we spent the day at Fremont Street, which I will post about later as well…

vegas 038

On our last night there, we had a few drinks at a few different places, including Margaritaville and The Sugar Factory ( my favorite place in Vegas)…

vegas 079

vegas 084

We had a ton of fun! And I can’t wait for all the new stock to come in and maybe make it back down to Vegas in the summer!!

vegas 008

vegas 060

vegas 091

vegas 092

vegas 106

Stay tuned for more posts about the fabulous Las Vegas!!


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