The Flamingo

Last week, as you all know, I was in Las Vegas! While there, I stayed at the “forever fabulous Flamingo“, which was decked out in pink, sparkle, and a whole flock of flamingos! It was located almost mid strip, so it was an excellent location for hitting up bars, shopping, and yummy restaurants!

vegas 095

vegas 096

The Flamingo was recently renovated to bring it up to date. We had a regular room, so it wasnt as decked out as the photos of the website, was there was a splash of pink here and there, with lovely pink curtains, furry pink blankets,and a snazzy pink and brown chair. The uber fancy suites have pink walls and pink bathrooms- oh la la!!

vegas 099

Like I mentioned The Flamingo had flamingos- how fitting! They were roaming around outside with pelicans, black swans, hibernating turtles, and a bunch of ducks. I love Flamingos- they are pink and so pretty- but despite my love for them, I am always a bit sad to see animals in captivity…nonetheless, here they are, in all their glory

vegas 097

vegas 098

vegas 027

If you’re in Vegas, you should check out the Flamingo and take a gander at their exotic wildlife or check out Margaritaville and get a refreshing slushy beverage!


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