Rat Fink

This morning on my bus ride to school, while listening to my ipod, Rat Fink via the Misfits came on and it has been stuck in my head all day long… which got me thinking about Rat Fink. I’ll admit, I don’t really know much about the ugly little guy so I figured I’d do a wee history on the mighty Rat Fink.


Rat Fink is the work of Big Daddy Roth- a legend in the hot rod world! Rat Fink was concieved as an ‘anti-hero’ to Mickey Mouse! How darling!! Rat Fink, birthed in the 1950’s and became a symbol of the hot rod world in the 50’s and 60’s, becoming a statement of Kustom Kulture. Rat Fink was Roth’s most popular creation; model kits were made and sold like crazy to the wild teens of the 60’s. Rat Fink istill alive and very much present in the hot rod world today.




An aside… Ed Roth was a very interesting man and left a huge stamp on the hot rod and Kustom Kulture world. He was a highly respected artist and man in general. Check him out if you’ve got a minute or two… http://www.ratfink.com/


This has made me want to look into Mr Ed Roth more myself, so there may be a post in the future featuring more of his monsterous creations.


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