what i wore: trailer Park dress

Now that spring is actually on the way and the snow is melting, I can finally wear cute dresses again! Seriously, winter has lasted forever this year! I’ve been forced to wear boots and leggings for the past 6 months, and not that there is anything wrong with that, but it gets boring! I actually had some time today to take some photos of what I wore to work…. I bought this dress in December to wear in Hawaii but I never ended up wearing it. Seeing as it was easter and sunny out, I thought this little pink trailer park theme dress would be perfect…


Shown here with my favorite stuffed flamingo, this is the sweetest lil sourpuss dress I have seen. It is patterned with trailers, bows, martinis, starbursts, and of course flamingos! I got mine at Rowena and I know for a fact they still have some. This is the most perfect little summer dress! You can have a peak at RetroGlam too and see what fun summer dresses they have!



I don’t usually wear colour, and if I do, never pink… but i couldn’t help myself, this dress was just too adorable! Hopefully spring decides to stick around for good, because I could sure use some sunshine and warmth. I don’t think I was meant to love somewhere so cold… so if anyone in the warmer parts of the world wants to adopt me, just let me know! I’m a pretty good cook too!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and that the Easter Bunny was good to you



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