what i wore: retro librarian

Hiya Kittens! I finally found time again, to take some photos of an outfit I wore to work on Saturday, which means a new post! I promise to be posting on a regular basis very shortly. I have one more week of school until a 4 month summer break, which will, be filled to the brim with work, but no homework, which means more time to post.

I wore a simple black pencil skirt, with my new favorite cardigan to work. My boyfriend told me I looked  like a librarian, which I took as a compliment!



I have had my eye on this cardigan by Collectif for ages, but I just couldn’t fathom shelling out $80 for it… even though it is totally worth it! My patience paid off though, as I finally snagged it at Rowena during their basement blowout ( there are many magical things to be found there, and dreams to be made true). I paired it with a simple black pencil skirt, which actually has some amazing detail on the derriere, which can’t be seen, a simple black tank top and my favorite comfortable but fashionable Fly London heels.

I felt so pretty in this outfit today and to top it off, I think I finally figured out how to wear my bangs, now that they have grown out! What do you think?


Anyway, back the cardigan…. It has spectacular detail ( thus the cost) and it is very reminiscent of the 50’s. The detailing consists of a martini shaker, a martini glass, cherries, and lovely beaded starbursts.


I know for a fact Rowena still has a couple of these babies in their basement- they are come in maroon, so if you love it just as much as I do, I’d head on down there as soon as possible.

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And while your at it dont forget to check out Rowena and RetroGlam.com


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