the beach boys

Last night I got to see The Beach Boys. When I was very little, probably, around five, I went to see The Beach Boys with my family- it was an outdoors concert and I vaguely remember it, but it is one of my earliest memories. I think I have always loved The Beach Boys and when I heard they were coming to town, I knew I had to go!

The performed at the River Cree Casino in a very intimate venue- I was so surprised when I walked in to find that it was much smaller than I had been expecting. Our seats were not super close, but no seat could have been considered a bad seat!

I decided the event called for a new dress and a little extra time getting dolled up! As soon as I saw the Sassy Tropical swing dress from Hell Bunny and I knew it was just the dress to wear to see The Beach Boys! I love to get dressed up when I got to events- I think it makes it even more fun, even though I kinda knew not many other people would be dressed up.

beach boys 003

I paired it with my Dolce Vita wedges, a white hibiscus hair flower from Hawaii, and a strange green cherry necklace I got at the China Town market in Vancouver a few years ago.

beach boys 006

The show was so good and I couldn’t stop dancing! I recognized all but maybe two songs of the dozens they played! They sounded so good despite being much older than the last time I saw them-in fact they sounded just as if they were still teenagers!

beach boys 024

beach boys 025

I had so much fun! I definitely recommend going to see them- it was a better show they I expected and I had a huge smile on my face the entire time!

I loved my outfit so much, I took a few more photos when I got home to share with you…

beach boys 030

beach boys 037

I got my Hell Bunny Sassy Tropical dress at Rowena and you can can get yours there too- they also have one in light blue if you don’t fancy black. And if you don’t live in town, you can check out to see what they have to offer.

In the mean time, check out my page on facebook for fun updates and twitter- @dangerdelux

I hope you all had a swell weekend!


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