what i wore: bettie page

While I was in Vegas in February, I stopped in at the Bettie Page store in Ceasars Palace only to find a lovely little white swing skirt. I almost always shy away from white…White only looks good when it is crisp and clean, and well, white. I decided I liked it too much to pass it up, besides it would be great in the summer. Oh and I got it for an amazing price! Recall  my recent profession of love for swins skirts? So, really it was destiny that I found this skirt.

bettie page 013

I wore it with a chropped grey t-shirt from a generic store in the mall, my Fly London heels, and a white hibiscus flower

bettie page 012

bettie page 006

This skirt was so comfy today especially now that summer has decided to actaully show up! It was one of the first nice days this year and I figured it was the perfect time to wear this pretty skirt for the first time.I think I will search out a cute red or blue top to wear with it next time; I am totally digging cropped tops right now too- I think they look great with swing skirts.

Are you into swing skirts this season too? Have you found a perfect one yet? I’m still on the hunt for more


4 thoughts on “what i wore: bettie page

  1. I recently bought a gorgeous red Hawaiian swing skirt from Hell Bunny, and as a result my fabulous mum has decided to make me some after she found a pattern 🙂

      • Very lucky 🙂 I don’t know what Id do with my mum/seamstress haha she’s always taking things in.
        I’d like the blue one, but finding tips to wear with them is hard.

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