Lux De Ville

I just bought the mini Lux De Ville min Atomic handbag; when they came in at the shop we all squealed with delight and then thought very hard about which one we each wanted. We tried them all out and thoughtfully picked which colour we liked best. For me, the atomic won, in baby pink!

lux de ville 015

She how pretty it is?! I like both small and big handbags equally, so had no preference in regards to size; I love the shape of this bag and the two tone with furry leopard and pink sparkle vinyl. It is the perfect mash between girly and rockabilly! While the straps are a touch short, I can still carry it over my shoulder so long as its not stuffed to the brim

lux de ville 019

lux de ville 041

I also have a mini gambler in red sparkle vinyl, which is a great handbag to spice up an outfit or to take out when you are not too fancy, but are still looking snazzy.

lux de ville 023

lux de ville 043

While, I love this bag because it’s sparkly, a good size, and the handle is the perfect length, it’s not all sugar and spice- it is overly difficult to close… its takes quite a bit of actual effort to snap it closed, I believe because the bag is so rigid. I still use it, none the less.

I own a third Lux De Ville bag,which I got quite some time ago, but is in fantastic shape, as if it is brand new. I don’t use it very much because of the shape, but I do think it is beautiful and that I should probably use it more.

lux de ville 029

lux de ville 044

It has a great spade-esque pattern on it in red and black with a kiss lock closure. It is very long for a clutch, which is what deters me from using it very often. Like I said, it is quite old, but that just goes to show the quality of it- it looks as if I just bought it yesterday!

I love Lux De Ville, as I am sure many of you do too! And I am sure some of you could put my wee collection to shame with all the glittery Lux De Ville in your closets. The next on my list is the new clutch, probably in black and leopard.

I got all three of my Lux De Ville bags at Rowena. They have tons in stock and also have Lux De Ville on their website

lux de ville 031

Check out more styles on the Lux De Ville website too and follow them on facebook


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