what i wore:betsey

Betsey Johnson has always been one of my favorite designers, however, it is very hard to come by in Edmonton. It is easy enough to get jewelry, handbags, sleepwear, and swimwear, but actual garments- slim to none. A few years back, while in Vancouver, I searched out one of her shops- I was in absolute heaven. I purchased two of the most expensive garments I have ever put on and they remain the most expensive I own. That being said, I do not wear them often. One of favorite dresses is one of these garments. While getting dressed for work, I felt a sudden whim to wear this dress, which hadn’t been worn in over two years! It fits me splendidly and has a look of the 1940’s, and is oh so silky. I got quite a few compliments of this dress and decided it needs to come and play a bit more.

betsey 009

It is red satin, with a floral pattern in deep purple, turquoise, and white. Their is a slight princess sleeve, which gives it that 40’s feel; a matching tie belt and faux buttons up the front.

betsey 005

betsey 007

I didn’t have a lot of time to do my hair, but I pinned up and put a hair comb in the back for decoration. I paired it with my favorite round toed shoes, and off to work I went!

Not too long after I got this dress, I did a photo shoot and it was one of the things I wore. Here are just a couple photos from the shoot…



Photos by Craig Janzen Photography


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