oh so luscious

I purchased the Luscious dress by Pinup Girl Clothing sometime ago, around when it was first released. I loved the heavy cotton, the cute tipsy elephants, and it fit me quite well. Despite my love for this dress, I have found that it really does not fit many girls well…it’s that 1 in 10 that can pull it off; the luscious dress can look amazing on the right body, so really you just have to try it on to test out your luck. This is the type of dress,because of the cut and the fabric, it can be worn both on casual days or dressed up a bit for a night out with the ladies,

I like to wear the luscious dress to work because the material is so comfy, but it also looks really nice; it has a very pretty sweetheart neckline and is very feminine.

photo 1

(look at that cheesy grin!)

I find that this dress fits small, so I bought a large for a perfect fit. It does not have any zippers – the cotton is stretchy but with a very fitted waist line. So if you are looking to get one, I would go one size up.

photo 3

( look, I do leave my bedroom every once and a while)

On this particular day, I was only running out briefly, so I didn’t accessorize my luscious and I just wore flats, but it looks darn cute with a pair of wedges! I had just finished a photo shoot, thus my victory rolls and makeup.

photo 4

I bought mine at Rowena, of course.  I know for a fact they still have them in stock in the black with pink elephants, navy blue with red octopus, and mint green with black mermaids. You can get them at RetroGlam.com too.


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