vroom vroom- new ixia dress

When the order for ixia came in to work, I didn’t think twice about it. That is until my boss pulled out a wee dress covered with vintage cars…. I think she knew I would love it! I was a little daunted by how short it was. After I tried it on, I asked several people if they though it was too short for me, and they all said no. I didn’t want to be ‘that girl’- you know the one, who is wearing something way too short and really, really shouldn’t be. So after I felt confident it was not too short I made it mine!

colour me rad 007

Isnt it so cute?! I wore it to work on the weekend, with my rad creeper wedges. I pined my hair back and added a little pin curl in the front for a retro feel

colour me rad 006

colour me rad 003

Ixia makes tons of super cute little sun dresses- in fact, I will be getting another one very soon. They are also insanely affordable and are good quality- they are made in the states, which is also awesome. I got a medium, which is my usual size, and it fits pretty much perfect

.colour me rad 002

I think I am going to get a lot of wear out of this pretty little dress this summer and I am definitely will be bringing it to Vegas with me!

Rowena still has a few of these in stock and a whole handful of other styles- come in the store if you’re in town or call the shop and order one for yourself!


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