the beauty bar- las vegas

The last time I was in Las Vegas, we stopped by the Beauty Bar, but it was closed- so we waited around a bit, came back, and it was still closed. I think we checked back three times, with no luck. So, I made it my mission to get there this time and I totally succeeded and then some!

The name pretty much says it all- it is a bar styled after an old school beauty parlour! The chairs were hair dryers, the bar was decked out with gorgeous retro silhouettes, and there were odd pieces of retro chic furniture here and there ( like dressers and coffee tables). My girlfriends and I got all dolled up for the outing and I must say, chaos ensued…as the pictures will show.

vegas 2013 103

the oh so pretty bar

vegas 2013 106

my oh so pretty friends

vegas 2013 119

The Beauty Bar is on Fremont Street, so we just took the bus from the strip and stumbled a few blocks down until we saw the glittery beacon awaiting us. Drinks were super cheap ( $14 for three) and the music was great- there was a dj and a live drummer. It wasn’t packed or anything, but we had a blast!

vegas 2013 145

vegas 2013 149

If you’re heading to Vegas I strongly recommend checking out the Beauty Bar for some off-strip partying, especially if you’re into the whole retro/vintage thing 😉

vegas 2013 121

vegas 2013 131

don’t ask, cause I don’t know. haha

This may just have been the most fun we had in Vegas and I will definetly be going back to the Beauty Bar next time Im in town. There are also Beauty Bars in New York, Brooklyn, San Fran, Austin, Chicago, Denver, and Dallas- you if you’re near one of those places, go check it out and let me know how glittery and spectacular the other locations are!


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